Recent Publications

Professor Martin Lodge

  • Lodge, M. (2020). New Zealand jazz life, Norman Meehan and Tony Whincup (photographs) (2016). Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies, 8(1), 141-142. doi:10.1386/nzps_00033_5

  • Lodge, M. (2019). The Shanghai Sessions. In Seminar room of the Dunedin Chinese Garden, Dunedin city centre , New Zealand.

  • Lodge, M. (2019). Two [Composition]. Nelson, New Zealand: Adam Chamber Music Festival.

  • Lodge, M. (2019). Ngā Whetu Hou [Composition]. Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand: NZ Trio.

  • Lodge, M. (2019). Creative collaboration avoiding compromise: the case of music album Flow. In A Sea of Islands: The View from the Pacific: The 25th annual conference of the New Zealand Studies Association. American College of Greece, Athens.

  • Lodge, M. (2018). Melody slithering through the misery [Review of Good-bye Maoriland: The songs and sounds of New Zealand's Great War by Chris Bourke]. New Zealand Books, 28(124), 38-39.

  • Lodge, M. (2018). Music in the world - conference keynote address. In Regional Identities & Coastal Communities of the Pacific: 24th Annual Conference of the New Zealand Studies Association. University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal.

  • Lodge, M. (2017). ‘Feadóg mhór in oίche spèirghelai’ for bass flute and recorded sounds - Okta Concert: When flutes had words - Premiere (Revised) [for bass flute and sounds]. Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Lodge, M. (2017). Stream for string quartet. Stream; I. Run, Stream; II. Hold, Stream; III. Drive [for string quartet - violins, viola, violoncello (16 mins)]. recorded in Shanghai: Atoll Records.

  • Lodge, M. (2017). Illuminations: a proposed taxonomy for death-inspired works in Western art music. TEXT: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses: Special Issue: Writing Death and Dying, (45), 1-12. Open Access version:

Dr Michael Williams

  • Williams, M. (2020). Song for Emily [Composition]. St Petersburg, Russia: Okta Editions.

  • Williams, M. (2019). Equinox 1 [Composition]. New Zealand: Okta Editions.

  • Williams, M. (2019). Dialogue [Composition]. New Zealand: Okta Editions.

  • Williams, M. (2019). Ngā whā moana [Composition]. Okta.

  • Williams, M. (2019). Surah Al Ma'dah [Composition].

  • Williams, M. (2019). Spirit Flies Sun Rises [Composition]. Okta.

  • Williams, M. F. (2017). CD: Symphony No.1: Letters from the Front [Recording]. Auckland: Atoll. Retrieved from

  • Williams, M. F. (2017). Suite per Antiche Archi [Recording of Composition]. Auckland: Atoll Records. Retrieved from

  • Williams, M. F. (2017). CD: Pulse [Composition for electric violin and string quartet (9.00)]. Auckland New Zealand: Atoll Records. Retrieved from

  • Williams, M. F. (2017). The Void Between Heartbeats [Chamber Music Composition (10:38)]. Auckland New Zealand: Atoll Records.

Ian Whalley