Performance at Waikato

Performance at The Conservatorium of Music at the University of Waikato is regarded as among the best in the country. Core studies include piano, voice, cello and violin and students wishing to pursue study in other instruments are considered on a case by case basis. We pride ourselves on achieving extremely high standards in all performance areas. One of our fundamental beliefs is that performance student's confidence and ability is improved exponentially, through public performance and we are proud to offer more opportunities to perform before the public that perhaps any other institution in New Zealand.

Our performance staff

Our performance staff are among some of New Zealand's finest musicians and teachers. All are active nationally and internationally as performers and recording artists.

Katherine Austin - senior lecturer in piano

Dr Lara Hall - lecturer in violin

James Tennant - senior lecturer in cello

Gina Sanders - voice teacher

James Harrison - voice teacher

Luca Manghi - flute teacher