Research in Music

Music researchers have brought an international reputation to the University of Waikato in composition, performance, new technology and musicology.  Their significant contribution has also been demonstrated by the Tertiary Education Commission’s national assessment of research quality and performance that determines funding from the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF).

Research in the Music Programme - is focused on a unique nexus of creativity, performance and advanced technology.

Working together, performance staff form the New Zealand Chamber Soloists (NZCS), a flexible ensemble renowned for dynamic performances of new music and reinvigorated core repertoire. The NZCS trio consists of Lara Hall, violin, James Tennant, cello and Katherine Austin, piano.

Dr Rachael Griffiths-Hughes is a nationally recognized harpsichordist specializing in Baroque music and is also noted as a choral conductor.

Author and composer Associate Professor Ian Whalley has pioneered interactive real-time telematic works across multiple countries using synthesis, intelligent agent technology and traditional instruments.

Dr Michael Williams is an instrumental and opera composer whose music features an emphasis on integrating live digital technology.  His latest projects include the performance and recording of his WW1 Symphony "Letters from the Front" and his string quartet with digital effects The Void Between Heartbeats recorded by the Shanghai based Polaris Quartet. His Juniper Passion opera premiered in Italy in 2013.

Professor Martin Lodge is a writer and composer whose collaborative multimedia work After Dürer won the Prize for Most Innovative Work at Il Coreografo Elettronico 2008 in Naples.

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