Kenneth Fields

PhD California, US

Research Associate

Kenneth Field

Music Programme
School of Arts

Canada Research Chair in Telemedia Arts
Associate Professor, Dept. of Music, University of Calgary

1. Research Contributions over the Last six Years

Canada Research Chair in Telemedia Arts

  • Created research lab for Telemedia arts at the University of Calgary.
  • Created new classes in Telemedia arts at the University of Calgary.
  • Created Technology and Arts Research Group (TAG) at the U of Calgary.
  • Created Artsmesh Grid Software: Presence Application with embeddedSocial/Semantic Technologies.

Terminology and Translation

  • Project leader to translate into Chinese the most widely used textbook in the field of computer music - The Computer Music Tutorial (1200 pages), by Curtis Roads. MIT Press 1996. Published in China by the People’s Music Publishing House, 2011.


  • NetTets 2012 as part of the Happening festival 2012 Calgary: Network performance with Montreal, Hamilton, Edmonton and Calgary. Organizer.
  • Hybrid Telemedia Ecologies: Partnership research grant between Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro and Beijing. Final network performance Oct 25, 2011. Co-investigator.
  • Musicacoustica 2011: Broadband music performance with China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia. Organizer.
  • Syneme Summer School 2011: Participants: HK, NZ, Newcastle, Singapore. Organizer.
  • NetTets 2011 as part of the Happening Festival 2011 Calgary. Network music performance with Indiana, Edmonton, Montreal andVancouver. Organizer.
  • Resonations 2010: United Nations, Korea, Beijing, Calgary. Co-Organizer.
  • Musicacoustica 2010: Broadband Music Performance with China, New Zealand and Canada. Organizer.
  • Nettets 2010: Broadband Music Performance with China, Indiana, Singapore and Canada. Organizer.
  • Musicacoustica 2009: Broadband Network Performance with China and Canada with the Canada Electroacoustic Community (CEC). Organizer.
  • Netrooms: Project By Pedro Rebelo, SARC, Belfast. Participated in Multiple Network Performances.
  • Pan-Asia Music Festival 2009. Broadband Network Performance Project between Peking University and Stanford University. Co-organizer.
  • Tag 798. 2007. Project between PKU and Orange French Telecom.
  • Developed a system for placing tag data in the real-world using AR technology on mobile phones. Principle Investigator.Director of Peking University’s research partnership with theNUS/Hollywood Lab (Led by National University of Singapore), 2006-7.
  • Sound Installation in conjunction with a Frank Gehry exhibition at the Millennium Art Museum, Beijing. 2005. Composer.
  • Project with the British Council and Central Conservatory of Music to bring 4 British soundscape artists to China, 2005. Chinese students acted as assistants to the artists and participated in workshops.

Refereed Papers

  • Fields, Kenneth. Syneme: Live. Organised Sound 17.1: 86-95. 2012 Cambridge University Press.
  • Fields, K., Whalley, I. Editorial: Networked Electroacoustica Music. Organised Sound 17.1: 1-3. 2012 Cambridge Univ. Press.
  • Fields, Kenneth. Editorial: Language. Organised Sound 12.2. 2007 Cambridge University Press.
  • Fields, Kenneth. Ontologies, Categories, Folksonomies: An Organised Language of Sound. Organised Sound 12.2: 101–111. 2007 Cambridge University Press.
  • Fields, Kenneth. The Map is the Territory. Proceedings of the Consciousness Reframed Conference: Qi and Complexity. Bejing. 2004.
  • Fields, Kenneth. 2000. Dissertation. Inquiry Space.

Conferences (Papers)

  • Presenter. Music Anytime, Anywhere. Oct 2011.
  • Co-organizer of the Telemediations Symposium: Rio de Janeiro. 2011.
  • Musicacoustica 2010: Asia Network Music Performance Project. Conference Talk. Beijing.
  • EMS 2010: Electroacoustic Music Study Network. Experiments in Telemusic. Shanghai
  • Co-organizer of the Happening Festival, Calgary 2010.
  • Musicacoustica 2009. EMS Asian Network. Beijing.
  • ANET 2008. Audio over High-Speed Networks. Telemusic. Banff, Can.
  • EMS 2008. Electroacoustic Music Study Network. E-Music. Paris, France.
  • Consciousness Reframed 2007. Ontotyping: Designing in the Real World. Planetary Collegium. Montreal, CA.
  • EMS 2007. Electroacoustic Music Study Network. China Electroacoustic Music Survey. DeMontfort, UK.
  • EMS 2006. Electroacoustic Music Study Network. Terminology. Beijing, China.
  • ISEA 2006. Chinapedia. Poster on the censorship of Wikipedia in China and implications of Web 2.0 in China’s centrally controlled media environment. San Jose, USA.
  • EduTainment 2006. Innovative Campus. HangZhou, China.
  • Orange French Telecom Symposium 2006: Art Everywhere. Artists in Creative Industry. Beijing, China.
  • NewMediaBeijing. 2005. Media Art in China. Beijing, China.

Paper Review Committees

  • Fields, Kenneth and Whalley, Ian. Issue Editors. Networked Electroacoustic Music. Organised Sound. 17(1) 2012.
  • EMS: Electroacoustic Music Studies Network Conference 2006-Current.
  • Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium 2009-Current.
  • International Computer Music Conference 2007-current.

Music Compositions

  • Grid: Concerto for Laptop and Supercomputer. Musicacoustica 2010, Beijing.
  • V4V6.2: For Shakuhachi and Network Sonification, Happening Festival 2010, Calgary.
  • V4V6: For Shakuhachi and Network Sonification, Musicacoustica 2009, Beijing.
  • ApiLiveStereoMix, for Computer, Musicacoustica 2006.
  • Reflection, for Erhu and Computer, Musicacoustica 2005 (Beijing).

2. Other Research Contributions

  • 2012 DeTao Master. Consultant.
  • 2010-Current. Editorial Board of Organised Sound Journal. Cambridge University Press. UK.
  • 2009-Current. TAG: Technology and Art Research Group. University of Calgary. Coordinator.
  • 2006-Current. Board member of EARS: ElectroAcoustic Research Site: online expert, multilingual glossary/bibliography:
  • 2006-Current: Board member of EMSAN, the Asian branch of the ElectroAcoustic Music Studies Network (EMS)
  • 2005-Current. Board member of the Electronic Music Association of China (EMAC).
  • 2006-2010. Journal Regional Editor (Asia): Organised Sound. Cambridge University Press, UK.
  • 2006-2008: Review committee for English language Leonardo Abstracts Service:
  • 2005-2008: Journal Regional Editor (Asia): Computers in Entertainment. ACM Publications.