Theatre Studies - Facilities

Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts / Te Whare Tapere

The Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts complex celebrated its opening in March 2001. This complex is situated on one of the most beautiful campus sites beside the lakes, and contains two primary performance venues: a Concert Chamber for 350 people, and the Playhouse Theatre for up to 170. It also contains a Dance Studio and a specialist Maori Performing Arts space, Te Whare Tapere Iti.

The Playhouse is an important development for the Theatre Studies Programme. Our aim has been to create a venue with a character uniquely its own, combining the intimacy of eighteenth-century theatres and the flexibility of smaller, more contemporary studio and workshop theatres. It is a specially designed, flexible venue that can be utilised in a variety of configurations, e.g., "in the round", "end-on", or "transverse". It is fully equipped with lighting gantries, a demountable seating and rostra system, floor traps throughout the space, and a full-size basement for use as a dressing room or storage. A full complement of state-of-the-art digital lighting and sound systems enhance its design features. The Playhouse offers a challenge and an opportunity for every group that uses it, encouraging exploration of the relationship between audience and performer in the many ways that only theatre offers. It is used for student productions, and technical and scene work, and also presents work from community groups and visiting professional companies and artists.

New Place Theatre / Te Tapere Hou

Our practical papers are taught in both the Playhouse Theatre in the Academy of Performing Arts and in our theatre laboratory space, The New Place Theatre/Te Tapere Hou, situated next to the Law School, near Gate 8 on Hillcrest Road.

The New Place/Te Tapere Hou is a large, flat-floor laboratory space, 13.5 m x 15m. A flexible seating system for up to 100 people can be quickly and easily installed and arranged in a variety of ways to provide maximum flexibility for any style of production.

A well equipped lighting and sound system provides a technical complement for teaching, research, experimentation, and performance needs. We are constantly up-dating our technical equipment, and all our lighting bars are pre-plugged to assist in quick turnarounds. The Theatre currently has:

  • Proel Mix 844 Audio Mixer
  • Denon Professional CD Player DN – C620 and Stereo Power Amplifier POA – 2800
  • 4 x Reactor PA/Home Speakers 350 watts RPM 12
  • 1 x Panasonic CD Stereo System (small/portable) SA-PM46
  • 1 x Dell Optiplex 9020 [ 1526267 ] and monitor
  • 1 x Panasonic LCD Projector FW 430 WXGA [ TC409-GR-14-05 ]
  • 1 x Sony TV Trinitron Color TV XJ29M31
  • 1 x Philips DVP 300SK DVD Player
  • 1 x Sony Video Cassette Recorder SLV EZ735
  • 1 x Tascam Sound Desk Mixer M-1508 [ 9384 ]
  • 1 x Tascam Audio Tape Deck DA-20MKII
  • 1 x Tascam CD Player CD-160
  • 1 x Sony Stereo Cassette Deck TC-KE 6005
  • 1 x Braun Slide Projector SC 668
  • 1 x Panasonic S-VHS Movie Camera NV-M55 [ 20520 ]
  • 1 x Manfrotto Tripod

The theatre also holds a stock of tools for set construction and painting.

Students are encouraged to use this theatre laboratory to explore and present their own ideas, beyond the requirements of the degree programme.

Booking New Place Theatre/Te Tapere Hou

This theatre space is sometimes available to non-revenue community groups (depending on teaching and performance commitments). Use our online form to request a booking.