Welcome from the Head

A warm welcome to the School of Arts and disciplines of the Arts and Humanities. Our School provides teaching and research focused on understanding the human condition, the unique ways we experience the world and the different forms of culture manifested from our ingenuity, imagination, resourcefulness and intellectual creativity.

The disciplines that make up the School of Arts are united in their focus on the intrinsic value of the arts (how it enriches lives) and the civilising role of culture in order to prepare our graduates to contribute to the wider and measurable impact of the arts on our economy, health and wellbeing, society and education. Our students learn and apply the power of language, literature, screens, music, movement and performance. In doing so, students develop communication skills, creative and design practices that express ideas, develop concepts and promote services.

Regardless of which discipline, field or area reflects your passion, you will graduate from the School of Arts with a comprehensive education, knowledge and skills from a broad range of complimentary disciplines. For undergraduates, your elected Major will constitute the spine of your bachelors degree, in which you will specialise in the academic approaches of the subject of your choice. However, our degree structure here at Waikato is also designed to encourage you to compliment and extend your passions by developing knowledge in other disciplines that challenge your thinking and practice, create different connections and spark new perspectives. We encourage you to think of yourself as a School of Arts student and become acquainted with the wonderful array of papers offered by the different programmes in our School.

Studying the arts is an investment in personal and community health and wellbeing, and our social, cultural and economic lives. Imagine society without the civilising influence of the arts and you will have to take away that which is most pleasurable and educationally vital for life and work. Our aim is to educate you to utilize critical frameworks and creative processes in thinking for yourself. In this way our graduates operate as critical thinkers, capable of generating innovative ideas and responding intelligently to problems, issues or obstacles in work and life. We are proud of our accomplished alumni of active, well-informed citizens who are making substantial contributions to the arts, society and culture and encourage you to join them.

Associate Professor Gareth Schott 
Head of School of Arts
Programme Convener, Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies (NZUWI, Hangzhou)