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The Environmental Planning Programme is within the Division of Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences and has links to other subjects such as Geography, Science and Engineering and Māori and Indigenous studies.

Many of the major public policy challenges in NZ and overseas have strong planning dimensions (e.g. freshwater quality, affordable housing, population and urbanisation growth, transport planning, climate change adaptation and mitigation, resilience to natural hazards, etc.), and require interdisciplinary solutions. Our qualifications recognise this and enable students to develop flexible and interdisciplinary programmes of study.

Planning related issues attract substantial public interest and feature regularly in news coverage. Research in environmental planning contributes to public debates and informs decision-making. The Programme has a strong vocational focus and is committed to producing work-ready graduates in line with professional standards. This means that students who graduate with our accredited degree are in very high demand in the workforce.

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Environmental Planning - University of Waikato A page used to share information about Environmental Planning at Waikato and to provide a networking platform for students. Information about events and activity will be posted here, but it is also for students to use to meet up with other students and get involved in things around the University and outside.