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In honour of this new medium of historical storytelling, the New Zealand Journal of Public History is pleased to announce that it will be accepting flash histories of no more than 150 words for publication in NZJPH5.
But not all flash histories are created equal...

Bronwyn Labrum, author of Real Modern: Everyday New Zealand in the 1950s & 1960s, will select the best ten flash histories – or ‘flashbacks’ – for publication in NZJPH5.

Competition Guidelines

Flash histories as submitted for publication in NZJPH5 may focus on any aspect of New Zealand history, from any historiographical position. Flash histories must be the submitter’s own work. While flash histories may draw on the author’s previous research, submissions must not have been previously published in the form of a flash history. It is also not necessary for flash histories to represent the submitter’s own primary research. As such, a flash history may involve presenting a well-known event in New Zealand history, in a very (very) short format. While it draws on literary techniques, flash history is not historical fiction, and must convey a fair and factually accurate presentation of the past. Like any good history, flash history should avoid presentism, and preserve a sense of change through time despite its condensed nature. And most importantly, because this is a new medium, our judge will be looking for innovation.

To be eligible for selection for publication in NZJPH5, flash history submissions must be received between 1 September 2016 and 1 July 2017.

Download an entry form, or contact NZJPH Editor Dr Nadia Gush at And check us out on Facebook.

NZJPH Flash History Competition Entry Form & Terms and Conditions
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