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Political Science

Political Science at Waikato offers a broad spectrum of political knowledge on both national and international issues. You'll seek answers to some of the most difficult political issues of today and gain skills for many potential career paths. Political Science will challenge you to learn lessons from international and national politics and to consider political solutions to international crises. You will be pushed to consider tough questions like those involving equality and freedom - must one be sacrificed for the other to flourish?

Public Policy

Government decisions influence our lives on a daily basis. Public policy deals with the most important issues facing the world. Studying public policy will equip you with knowledge and skills to transform society and improve the quality of governance. Public policy covers a wide range of issues such as climate change, water, migration, housing, health care, education, and citizenship. Public Policy at Waikato is an interdisciplinary subject that allows you to combine a real world knowledge of government with majors in Environmental Planning, Law, Economics and International Relations.

International Relations and Security Studies

New Zealand depends on regional and international stability for its security and prosperity. Its political, economic and societal well-being can be affected by major power relations; global financial crises; and the rise of violent non-state actors and the responses to them. Given the significance of such issues, International Relations and Security Studies is available as a minor.

We Teach

Political Science, Public Policy, International Relations and Security Studies

Awards & Prizes

Winners of our Public Policy Prize, Theo Roy Scholarship in Politics, and Lewis Fretz Prize in International Relations.