Political Science & Public Policy Scholarships

Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a candidate who is entering the Postgraduate Diploma or Honours programmes in Political Science, and who has achieved outstanding academic results in their undergraduate Political Science or Public Policy major.
2013: Haley de Rijk and Soroush Vahhabi
2012: Quentin Preece
2011: Joanna Clarke
2010: Graeme Mackenzie
2009: Hannah Mueller
2008: Jennifer Schmidt

Theo Roy Scholarship in Politics

2012: Benjamin Hingston
2011: Soroush Vahhabi
2010: Simone Burnett Lanauze
2009: Joanna Clarke

Lewis Fretz Prize in International Relations

2011: Gabriel Bankier-Perry
2011: Jeremy Raymond
2010: Hayley de Rijk
2009: Quentin Preece