The Waikato Dialogue:  The Implications of Emerging Disruptive Technologies for International Security and New Zealand

The Waikato Dialogue is a biennual symposium that brings together international and national experts from a range of disciplinary backgrounds to interrogate the critical security issues of the day. The 2018 event considered the strategic, political and ethical implications of a range of new disruptive technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, Lethally Autonomous Weapons (LAWs), 3D printing, drones, 'big data', cyber weaponisation and prediction markets). Little research has considered how advances in these technologiess at the global level will affect New Zealand’s security, and what they mean for small states and their sovereignty in an increasingly integrated yet unstable world. The Symposum sought to fill that gap. A book containing contributions from the event is slated for publication in June 2020 (Emerging Technologies and International Security: Machines, the State and War, eds. Reuben Steff, Simone Soare and Joe Burton. Routledge, 2020).