Welcome to the Sociology and Social Policy.

The Sociology and Social Policy Programme is comprised of a number of complementary subjects that together offer an interdisciplinary perspective on society’s dynamically changing nature. Our programme includes Sociology, Social Policy, Women’s and Gender Studies, Labour Studies, Social Science Research, and Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.

Sociology, Social Policy, and Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management are available as majors, and Women’s and Gender Studies and Labour Studies can be taken as minors.
Sociology and Social Policy can be undertaken at graduate level.

While having a sound theoretical component, our different subjects encourage students to acquire practical knowledge and skills, such as how to conduct policy analysis, vocational expertise, and an understanding of relevant research methods. This practical, interdisciplinary approach is underpinned by a shared vision of actively contributing to the improvement of social life.

Although each subject area in the Sociology and Social Policy Programme has its own particular core papers and structure, many papers are also cross-listed across the majors and minors in the programme. Students majoring in either Sociology or Social Policy will find that the papers offered across our other subjects, taken as either part of a minor or electives, provide excellent complements to their majors.