Dr Christina Hanna


Qualifications: BEP Waikato, PhD Waikato


About Christina

Christina's research examines the governance of risk reduction and climate change adaptation, with a focus on the role of environmental planning. An important research theme is the application of managed retreat to reduce risks to human lives, assets, and ecosystems. More broadly, Christina's research encompasses:

  • Environmental governance
  • Local government law and planning in New Zealand
  • Environmental policy and law
  • Adaptive planning
  • Special focus areas - resource management instruments and frameworks, planning methods, spatial planning,  collaborative planning and community resilience


Climate; Environment; Environmental Policy and Politics; Environmental Resources and Planning; Environmental Risks

Research Interests

Managed retreat, climate change adaptation, environmental policy, adaptive planning

Recent Publications

  • Hanna, C., White, I., & Glavovic, B. (2020). The Uncertainty Contagion: Revealing the Interrelated, Cascading Uncertainties of Managed Retreat. Sustainability, 12(2), 736. doi:10.3390/su12020736 Open Access version:

  • Hanna, C., White, I., & Glavovic, B. (2019). Planning to Retreat: Governance challenges and policy learning in New Zealand. In Climate Adaptation Initiative. Colombia Law School Conference: At what point managed retreat?. New York.

  • Hanna, C., White, I., & Glavovic, B. (2019). Managing retreat in New Zealand: National planning direction, funding and social constraints. In Weaving the Strands - Annual NZPI Conference. Napier, New Zealand: New Zealand Planning Institute.

  • Hanna, C., White, I., & Glavovic, B. (2019). Managed retreat in practice: mechanisms and challenges for implementation. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia, Natural Hazard Science. Oxford, UK.: Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/acrefore/9780199389407.013.350

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