Colm McKeogh

Undergraduate Student Adviser (Political Science, Public Policy), Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: MSc(Econ) Aberystwyth, BA(Mod), PhD Dublin

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About Colm

Colm McKeogh has a PhD in political science from Trinity College, Dublin, and an M.Sc. (Econ.) in strategic studies from the University of Aberystwyth, Wales. He has been teaching philosophers and religions to students of politics at the University of Waikato for twenty years. His research in the area of 'just war' and pacifism looks at the application of fundamental moral and political values to the issue of the use of force and also at the source and standing of the values themselves. So far, he has studied the attitudes to political violence of the Christian thinkers Hugo Grotius, Leo Tolstoy and Reinhold Niebuhr.


Christian attitudes; political violence.

Research Interests

Moral and religious attitudes to state authority and political violence including Christian pacifism and Christian 'just war' thought.

Current Research Project:

  • Christianity and Political Violence: a coursebook in the history of ideas.

This will be the prescribed text for POLSC300-NET Religion and Political Violence. The work introduces students to the writings on political violence of great thinkers in the Christian tradition, including St Augustine, St Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther and John Calvin.

Featured Publications

Recent Publications

  • McKeogh, C. (2017). Why Peace, Quaker? (second edition ed.). Hamilton, New Zealand: Logo Express.

  • McKeogh, C. (2015). Why peace, Quaker?. Logo Express. Retrieved from

  • McKeogh, C. (2009). Tolstoy's Pacifism. New York: Cambria Press.

  • Mckeogh, C. T. (2002). Innocent civilians: the morality of killing in war (1 ed.). Basingstoke, Hampshire: palgrave.

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