Dr Isabelle Delmotte

Lecturer & researcher

Qualifications: PhD (S.C.U, Australia), MFA Research (U.N.S.W, Australia)

([email protected])

About Isabelle

Creative practices are effective research tools for interdisciplinary collaborations. Both my academic and creative works have consistently examined human affective relationships with the self, media and environments. The concerns of my various research practices are philosophical, ethnographic, educational and cultural.

I am currently leading two research projects.
“Locating nature in the soundscapes of popular wildlife and natural history documentaries” develops a phenomenological approach to cinema studies by focusing on the impacts of professional creative practices of sound-making on film productions and audiences. It explores the influence of digital audio technology on the affective qualities of making nature documentaries and audience receptions associated with soundtracks of nature.
A second research project, “Falling on and off the screen: The electrical body in film productions“ aims to further knowledge on the cinematographic representations of neurological disorders.

I accept Masters supervision and PhD (chief and co-supervision)  and welcome interdisciplinary research projects and collaborations.

Creative practices


Arts and Language Education; Communication; Cultural Learning; Culture; Disabilities; Ecology; Environmental Ethics; Film; Health; History and Medicine; Human Computer Interaction; Imaging; Screen and Media; Work Experience-Based Learning

Creative Practice, Sonic Studies, Phenomenology, Sensory Ethnography, Cinema sound, Nature Documentary, Media Practices, Neuro-aesthetics, Medical Humanities

Research Interests

  • medical humanities
    • neuroscience, and epilepsies
    • phenomenology
  • film and documentary studies
    • phenomenologies of professional practice
    • nature documentaries
  • soundscapes studies
    • acoustic ecologies and sound studies
    • cinema sound studies
  • interdisciplinary practices
    • sensory ethnography
    • practice-based and practice-led creative studies
    • multi-media and situational creative practices

Forthcoming Publications

Delmotte, I. A (Forthcoming February 2019). From feeling vibrations to building audio-visions scenes: The perceptual practice of storytelling with sound. In M. Filimowicz (Ed.), Foundations in Sound Design for Linear Media. New York, NY: Routledge

Recent Publications

  • Delmotte, I. (2019). Neurological choreography: the case of epilepsy. In CSAA Conference 2019: Cultural Transformations. Conference held University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

  • Delmotte, I. (2019). From feeling vibrations to building audiovisual scenes: The perceptual practice ‎of storytelling with sound. In M. Filimowicz (Ed.), Foundations in Sound Design for Linear Media: A Multidisciplinary Approach (1st ed.). NY: Routledge.

  • Delmotte, I. (2019). Phenomenological imagination, ethics, and empathy: The case of epilepsy. Cinema : Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image, (11), 79-96.

  • Delmotte, I. (2018). Audio and visual representations of neurological impairments: The case of epilepsy in movies. In 7th European Communication Conference: Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation. Conference held in Lugano, Switzerland.

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Creative Practices and Creative Technologies, Interdisciplinary topics, Masters and PhD students

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