Dr Declan Patrick

Lecturer in Theatre Studies

Qualifications: PhD, MA (Hons), DipDrama, BA, PGCert. Academic Practice FHEA

([email protected])

About Declan

I am an academic and theatre practitioner working across performance, dance and video. My research takes the form of traditional academic publications and performance.


Culture; Dance; Drama; Performance; Theatre

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Recent Publications

  • Diaz Rodriguez, J., & Patrick, D. (2020). Folk dance and the performance of courtship in Colombia and the Philippines.. In AILASA 2020 Visions: Possibilities, Performance and the Past. Conference held online, hosted by Griffiths University, Australia.

  • Patrick, D. (2019). Practice-as-Research in Arts Research. In Rome – International Conference on Research in Social Science & Humanities. ICRSSH.

  • Patrick, D., & Diaz Rodriguez, J. M. (2019). Performing Difference: Meta-narratives in Colombian and Filipino Folk Dance. In Memory Studies Association Third Annual Conference. Madrid.

  • Patrick, D., & Diaz Rodriguez, J. (2017). Finding form in Folk Dance: Articulating diverse approaches to the Philippine Canon. In 13th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities. Conference held at the University of Lisbon.

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Current PhD supervision:

Johanna Claus - The potential of interactive site-specific dance ritual to influence  relationships to the environment and the non-human world. (Supervisor)

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