Dr Fiona E McCormack

Qualifications: PhD University of Auckland; MA First Class Honours, University of Auckland; BSc University College London

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Environmental anthropology, Economic anthropology, Fisheries, indigeneity, Pacific Anthropology

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  • Jacinta Forde "Ngā Taonga Toheroa: The cultural significance of Toheroa in a contemporary Māori community" (ongoing)
  • Lillian Brown  "Gender, power and capital amongst music performers in New Zealand" (ongoing)
  • Sharayne Bennett "Ekononmi and moni tings: an ethnographi comparison of human economies in Vanuatu and Jamaica" (ongoing)
  • James Faiau "Human ecological relations in Alafana community, North Malaita, Solomon Islands (ongoing)
  • Matthew Harms "Culture and Collaborative Conservation? Inter-cultural Difference and the Maungatautari Project" (completed 2018)
  • David Foote "Laowai: Imagined Community and Contested Identity among Shanghai’s expatriates" (completed 2017)


  • Mona-Lisa Wareka "Te Wairua o kaitiakitanga: Exploring different ontologies of kaitiakitanga in the Māori world" (ongoing)
  • Waka Paul "Cutting down our underwater forests: species conflict, environmental management, and the kina barrens of Motunau Island" (ongoing)
  • Jennifer Cooney "Ireland: An Island Nation or a Nation of Islands? Impacts of fisheries management on the cultural, historical and livelihood values of island communities" (completed 2019) (University Centre of the Westfjords, Ísafjörður, Iceland)
  • Hayley Phillips  "Deep Sea Mining and the Solwara 1 Project in Papua New Guinea" (completed 2019)
  • Darelle Howard "The Food Sovereignty Challenge to the Corporate Food Regime: Food for Thought" (completed 2017)
  • Shannon Weaver "Investigating the socioeconomic impacts of the introduced Asian Paddle Crab Charybdis Japonica on New Zealand’s native paddle crab fishery" (completed 2016)
  • Loren Brooking  "Development Agendas and Their Relationships with Secondary Education in Tanzania" (completed 2015)
  • Jacinta Forde  "Health, Culture and Lifestyle in Contemporary Tonga:  With particular reference to Diabetes and Diet" (completed 2015)
  • Keahu Tom "An  investigation of the cultural use and population characteristics of opihi at Kalaupapa National Historical Park" (completed 2011) (Univerity of Hawaii, Hilo)

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