Dr Fumiko Nishimura

Convenor, Graduate & International Student Adviser (Japanese)

Qualifications: MA Hiroshima University, PhD Waikato

School of Arts



Japanese socio-linguistics; cross-cultural communication; Japanese language teaching.

Recent Publications

  • Nishimura, F. (2019). Lying in different cultures. In J. Meibauer (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Lying (pp. 565-577). Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/oxfordhb/9780198736578.013.45

  • Nishimura, F. (2019). Taki ni wataru shigoto ni torikumu: Nyujirando de no Nihongo kyoiku (Tackling a variety of tasks: Japanese language education in New Zealand). In Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Education, Department of Teaching of Japanese as a second language (Ed.), Nihongo kyoiku e no izanai [Invitation to Japanese Language Teaching] (pp. 62-69). Tokyo, Japan: Bonjinsha.

  • Nishimura, F., & Umeda, K. (2016). Benefits and issues: Visitor sessions with pre-intermediate learners of japanese. In M. Ogino, P. Shino, & D. Nesbitt (Eds.), Creating New Synergies: Approaches of Tertiary Japanese Programmes in New Zealand (pp. 142-186). Massey University Press. Open Access version:

  • Nishimura, F., & Umeda, K. (2015). Visitor sessions in university’s Japanese class. In The 21st Biennial New Zealand Asian Studies Society (NZASIA) Conference. Conference held at University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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