Dr Ian Bruce

Senior Lecturer - Convenor Applied Linguistics Programme

Qualifications: B.A.Cant; M.A.(Applied), Ph.D. Waikato; Dip.SLT Massey; Dip.T Christchurch; KDS Munich; CTEFLA RSA/Cambridge

School of Arts



Language/Literacy/Linguistics; Teaching English as a second language/English as an additional language

Discourse analysis and in particular text and genre studies; academic writing and curriculum design; English for Academic Purposes (EAP); teacher training and pedagogy.

Research Interests

My area of research interest is the application of genre theory to investigations of non-fictional texts and their related discourses. I have undertaken studies of academic, business and journalistic genres. My research of academic genres has the purpose of informing language curriculum development and the teaching of academic writing, and specifically research writing, to students for whom English is an additional language.The theoretical basis that I propose for analysing and teaching academic genres are outlined in my book publications (2008 & 2011) and the related research studies - books at Ian Bruce, Amazon author page and citations here.

Research Supervised:


  • Lee, Yee (Jocelyn) (2015) Analytical reading skills to engage and motivate ESL learners: A challenge to current pedagogical practices.
  • Fester, Anthea (2015) Changing perspectives on syllabus design in ELT: Textbook trends and tertiary teacher decision-making.
  • Ng, Miang Koon (2015) Teachers and students beliefs about the value of giving corrective feedback on academic writing: A case study from a Malaysian university.
  • Jeong, Hyeseung (2014). Understanding second language acquisition in relation to intentionality, epistemology and cognitive process in an academic context: A realist perspective.
  • Li, Shouji (2012) Different or similar: patterns of lexical cohesion in English and Chinese non-narrative text and their applications in the study of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language ? A corpus-based contrastive study.
  • Ryan, Jonathon (2012) The development of pragmatic competence in reference in English as a second language
  • Barbour, Julie (2008) A Grammar of the Neverver Language of Malakula (Vanuatu).
  • Her, Jia-Huey (2007)The globalization of English : Its impact on English language education in the tertiary education sector in Taiwan.

Recent Publications

  • Bruce, I., & Ding, A. (2019). Countering commodification in EAP: The need to explore, innovate and transform. In BALEAP Conference 2019: Innovation, Exploration and Transformation. Conference held The University of Leeds, The United Kingdom.

  • Bruce, I. (2019). Exploring critical thinking in academic and professional writing: A genre-based approach. In K. Hyland, & L. L. C. Wong (Eds.), Specialised English: New Directions in ESP and EAP Research and Practice (1 ed., pp. 107-119). London: Routledge. Retrieved from

  • Bruce, I. (2018). The textual expression of critical thinking in PhD discussions in applied linguistics. ESP Today: Journal of English for Specific Purposes at Tertiary Level, 6(1), 2-24. doi:10.18485/esptoday.2018.6.1.1

  • Bruce, I. (2018). The EAP teacher knowledge base: Current affordances and future challenges (Plenary speaker). In 4th International Conference on EAP Teaching and Researching in China and The 3rd International Conference on EAP in Asia. Conference held in Taiyuan University of Technology, Taiyuan, China.

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