Associate Professor John A Perrone

Qualifications: MSc PhD Cant

School of Psychology


About John

John Perrone's expertise is in the field of Vision Science.


Visual perception; illusions; visual aspects of driving or flying; human visual navigation; robot vision systems; computer models of the visual system.

Research Interests

1) Modelling aspects of human self motion estimation. Ongoing research project which involves development and computer simulation of putative physiological motion processing in areas MT and MST of primate visual cortex.

2) Testing people's ability to estimate their heading direction and to extract depth information from image motion.

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Human Visual Navigation 2-D Motion Sensors Slant Perception Visual Aspects of Water Quality

Recent Publications

  • Perrone, J. A. (2018). Visual–vestibular estimation of the body's curvilinear motion through the world: A computational model. Journal of Vision, 18(4), 1-32. doi:10.1167/18.4.1

  • Kim, J. D., Perrone, J. A., & Isler, R. B. (2017). The effect of differences in day and night lighting distributions on drivers' speed perception. Perception, 46(6), 728-744. doi:10.1177/0301006616684236

  • Clark, H. E., Perrone, J. A., Isler, R. B., & Charlton, S. G. (2017). Fixating on the size-speed illusion of approaching railway trains: What we can learn from our eye movements. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 99, 110-113. doi:10.1016/j.aap.2016.11.013

  • Clark, H., Perrone, J., Isler, R., & Charlton, S. G. (2016). Illuminating ways to combat the size-speed illusion of moving trains. In International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP). Conference held at Brisbane, Australia.

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