Dr Joe Ulatowski

Qualifications: BSc(Hons) Methodist, MA Mississippi, PhD Utah

([email protected])


Metaphysics; Philosophy

Social and Political Problems in Epistemology and Philosophy of Language, especially topics in social justice; The nature of truth; The nature of action; and questions concerning the nature of self

Research Interests

My research focus is the nature and value of truth, the problem of action individuation, self-narratives, and practical challenges that arise from these theoretical areas. My approach to these matters is pluralistic, employing both traditional philosophical methods and empirical methods.

Featured Publications

Commonsense Pluralism about Truth (2017, Palgrave Macmillan)

Virtue, Narrative, and Self: Explorations in the Philosophy of Mind and Action, edited with Liezl van Zyl (2021, Routledge)

Forthcoming Publications


Why Facts Matter (TBD, projected 2023)

Truth, with Jeremy Wyatt (MIT Press, projected 2023)

Edited books and topical collections:

The Metaphysics of Facts, with Cory Wright (TBD, 2025)

Experimental Philosophy and Corpus Analysis, with Justin Sytsma and Dan Weijers, (Bloomsbury, 2025)

"Truth Without Borders," a topical special issue co-edited with Jeremy Wyatt and Masaharu Mizumoto, Asian Journal of Philosophy.

Special Issue featuring Gila Sher, “On Moral Truth.” Australasian Philosophical Review (2023) 7.4, with invited commentaries by Chase Wrenn, Gupreet Rattan, and Filippo Ferrari and general open commentaries by [TBD].

Peer-reviewed articles:

"Horwich’s Epistemological Fundamentality and Folk Commitments," Axiomathes, 23pp.

"From Infants to Apes: The Empirical Adequacy of Primitivism about Truth, with Jeremy Wyatt, in Experimental Philosophy of Language: Perspectives, Methods and Prospects, edited by David Bordonaba. Dordrecht: Springer, 27pp.

"Experimental Philosophy," in The Cambridge Handbook of Analytic Philosophy, edited by Marcus Rossberg, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 25pp.

"The History and Philosophy of Experimental Philosophy," with Justin Sytsma and Chad Gonnerman, in Compact Compendium of Experimental Philosophy, edited by Stephan Kornmasser and Max Bauer, Berlin: de Gruyter, 25pp.

Recent Publications

  • Ulatowski, J. (2022). Horwich’s Epistemological Fundamentality and Folk Commitment. Axiomathes. doi:10.1007/s10516-022-09619-1

  • Ulatowski, J. (2021). Self as one and many narratives. Balkan Journal of Philosophy, 1, 11-20. doi:10.5840/bjp20211313

  • Lumsden, D., & Ulatowski, J. (2021). Help! virtue profiles and horses for courses. Australasian Philosophical Review, 1-11. Retrieved from

  • Ulatowski, J. (2021). Future Intentions, Plans, and the Problem of Buridan's Ass. Academia Letters. doi:10.20935/al1686

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Papers Taught


I am chief supervisor for PhD students: Ben Young and Trudi Webber, for MSocSc student: Tony Cartner, for honours student: Maxwell Rodley, and co-supervisor with Justine Kingsbury for PhD student: Furkan Yazici.

At this time I am not actively recruiting PhD and Masters students. However, if you have an interest in the nature and value of facts, truth, and action, or an interest in the social and political challenges of the philosophy of language, please feel free to email me a brief (200-word) description of your project. I'd be happy to look at it and consider you for future postgraduate study.

Associations and Memberships

Eastern Hemisphere Language and Metaphysics Society (2021-) [Executive Committee Member]

Australasian Association of Philosophy (2016-) [Centenary Committee; Conference Committee]

New Zealand Association of Philosophers (2016-)

Mountain-Plains Philosophical Society (2009-) [Executive Committee Member]

American Philosophical Association (2000-)

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: J3.19
Phone: 7 837 9350