Dr Joe Ulatowski

Senior Lecturer, Programme Convenor (Philosophy)

Qualifications: BSc Methodist, MA Mississippi, PhD Utah

([email protected])


Metaphysics; Philosophy

Naturalistic Understanding of Mind, Language, and Action

Research Interests

I am interested in forms of truth and action, especially those that don't fit standard philosophical theories, and I approach these matters pluralistically by employing both traditional philosophical methods and empirical methods, such as those more common in the social sciences.

Recent Publications

  • Lumsden, D., & Ulatowski, J. (2019). Casting light upon the great endarkenment. Metaphilosophy, 50(5), 729-742. Retrieved from

  • Sivinski, S., & Ulatowski, J. (2019). The anthropocentrism of the cosmic perspective argument. Ethics and the Environment, 24(1), 1-18. doi:10.2979/ethicsenviro.24.1.01

  • Ulatowski, J. (2019). What Is It Like To Be Immortal?. Diametros, (62), 65-77. doi:10.33392/diam.1264

  • Barnard, R., & Ulatowski, J. (2019). Does anyone really think that ?f? Is true if and only if f?. In A. Aberdein, & M. Inglis (Eds.), Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics (1st ed.). Bloomsbury Academic.

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Email: [email protected]
Room: J3.19
Phone: 7 837 9350