Dr Kirstine Moffat

Associate Professor (English)

Qualifications: BA, MA Waikato, PhD Victoria University of Wellington


About Kirstine

Kirstine was born in Scotland and arrived in New Zealand at the age of 7. She was educated at the University of Waikato and Victoria University of Wellington. To date her publications have drawn on her doctoral research, focusing primarily on New Zealand settlement and provincial writing and the way in which this writing helps to broaden understanding of New Zealand social history and culture A developing research area is nineteenth and early twentieth century feminist writing, in particular the motif of music and what it conveys about femininity. She is currently engaged in research examining the cultural significance of the piano in nineteenth century New Zealand. Kirstine is a co-editor of the Journal of New Zealand Literature.


New Zealand literature; New Zealand cultural history; 19th and 20th century feminist writing.

Recent Publications

  • Moffat, K., & Anderson-O'Connor, A. -J. (2018). New Zealand. Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 54(4), 652-664. doi:10.1177/0021989418801205

  • Dooley, G., Moffat, K., & Wiltshire, J. (2018). Music and class in Jane Austen. Persuasions : the Jane Austen Journal On-Line, 38(3). Retrieved from

  • Moffat, K. (2018). Aotearoa/New Zealand. In C. A. Howells, P. Sharrad, & G. Turcotte (Eds.), The Oxford History of the Novel in English: Volume 12: The Novel in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Since 1950 (pp. 112-127). Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/oso/9780199679775.003.0010

  • Moffat, K., & Bond, M. (2017). ‘The ultimate version of who you are now’: Performing the gentleman spy. Adaptation, 10(3), 352-368. doi:10.1093/adaptation/apx020 Open Access version:

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