Assoc. Professor Laura Lopez-Fernandez

Qualifications: PhD. Univ. of Kansas at Lawrence (summa cum laude); M.A. (2 years) Univ. of Colorado (Boulder); B.A. Spanish Philology (5 years) Univ. of Santiago, Spain; Bachelor of International Relations Univ. of Santiago, Spain.

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About Laura

After doing a BA in Spanish Philology (5 years) and a BA in International Relations (4 years) at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Laura received an International Scholarship to do Postgraduate Studies at the University of Boulder, CO (US).  In 2003, she took an appointment at UC (NZ) to establish the Spanish Studies Programme.

Laura conducts research on contemporary Spanish and Latin American literature, Spanish language; Hispanic Diaspora (exile, migration), and cultural studies.

Laura teaches a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as Spanish language, Spanish & Latin American cultures. She has received several teaching and research awards, some of which enabled her to coordinate and publish collaborative research projects such as Experimental Cuban Poetry: A Digital Humanities project. Currently, she is coordinating a collaborative research project on Hispanic Migration and editing the volume Breaking genre borders: Poetic languages of the 21st century.

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Culture; Language/Literacy/Linguistics; Latin American Literature; Spanish

Spanish & Latin American Literature. Experimental Poetry. Postmedia Literature. Global Studies.

Research Interests

Postmedia and Experimental Poetry. Galician and Cuban Studies. Hispanic Migration and Diaspora. Global Policies.

My publications include five sole-authored books, book chapters, and scholarly articles in specialized journals, book reviews (by invitation), literary interviews, and creative fiction. I am a member of several Editorial Boards. I coordinate a range of collaborative research projects on contemporary poetry, digital humanities, and exile and identity in the Hispanic World.

Forthcoming Publications

Expresión y Experimentación en la poesía no discursiva en España y Cuba. CIPPCE. USC, Spain.

“Paremias xeocosmolóxicas de predicción do tempo en galego e maorí” Cadernos de Fraseoloxía Galega. University of Santiago de Compostela

Rev. of Valente Vital (Ginebra, Saboya, Paris). Claudio Rodríguez Fer (ed.) Bulletin of Spanish Studies.

Rev. of Spanish Contemporary Poetry. Hispanic Texts. Diane Cullell (ed.) Bulletin of Spanish Studies.

Recent Publications

  • Lopez-Fernandez, L. (2021). Resemantizando el sujeto en la poesía visual española”/Resemantizing the subject in Spanish Visual Poetry. Tonos Digital : Revista Electrónica de Estudios Filológicos, 40(1), 1-18.

  • Lopez-Fernandez, L. (2021). Transgresión y testimonio en la poesía experimental. In L. López Fernández, & L. Mora-Ballesteros (Eds.), Transgresiones en las letras iberoamericanas: visiones del lenguaje poético (pp. 7-38). Buenos Aires, Argentina - Los Ángeles, USA: Argus-a.

  • Lopez-Fernandez, L., & Mora-Ballesteros, L. (Eds.) (2021). Transgresiones en las letras iberoamericanas: visiones del lenguaje poético. Buenos Aires, Argentina - Los Ángeles, USA: Argus-a.

  • Lopez-Fernandez, L. (2021). [“Libertad” in Libertad by David Fernández Rivera.]. Amargord Ediciones, (1), 358.

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Papers Taught


Currently, I am supervising (main supervisor) a doctoral dissertation on Cuban Cultural Studies Awaiting and change as ideological fantasy in contemporary Cuba” by Duzán Avila Castellanos. I welcome research supervisions on Hispanic Studies on topics related to culture, literature, language and societies.

In the past I coordinated and supervised internal and external research projects, and theses some of which have been awarded with honors. External supervisions include theses on Spanish and Galician Studies from the University of La Coruña, Spain; University of Castilla La Mancha (Albacete, Spain), University of Santiago de Compostela, (Spain), etc. Recent coordination of collaborative research projects that have been awarded (2017-2018) include: "A digital mapping of Experimental Poetry in the Hispanic World".

I welcome postgraduate students -doctoral and postdoctoral projects- interested in Hispanic cultural and literary studies, as well as Hispanic Migration and Diaspora.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: I.3.03