Professor Anne M. McKim

Associate Dean PBRF (FASS), Professor of English

Qualifications: MA (Hons) Dundee, MA Manitoba, PhD Edinburgh


About Anne

Born in Glasgow and educated in Scotland and Canada, her main research interests and publications are in British Literature, particularly Medieval Studies and Eighteenth-Century Literature. Her books include critical editions of 'Hary's Wallace' and 'The Laste Epistle of Cresseid', John Macky's Journey through Scotland (1723), and a study of Daniel Defoe in Scotland. She has two books forthcoming: one on early eighteenth-century travellers' accounts of Scotland, and the other on eighteenth-century British women travellers in Italy. Current  research projects focus on a range of autobiographical writings, including memoirs, letters and travel journals. She has also collaborated on a wide range of research projects focused on tertiary education.

Possible research supervision areas: late medieval literature and historiography, medievalism, early modern journalism, travel writing, text editing.


English; Teaching and Learning; Tertiary Education

British literature, particularly medieval and eighteenth-century literature; medieval historiography; early journalism; travel writing; memoirs; diaries; letters and journals.

Featured Publications

McKim, A. M. (2014). Ed. A Journey Through Scotland (1723) by John Macky. The Grimsay Press.

Harlow, A., Peter, M., & McKim, A. (2014). Waikato Journal of Education: Special Edition: Emergent learning and threshold concepts in tertiary education. Waikato Journal of Education, 19(2), 130 pages. doi:10.15663/wje.v19i2

Scholarly edition WJE Special Issue

Forthcoming Publications

McKim, A.  (2016).'If Your Daughters are inclined to love reading, do not check their inclination': Passing on knowledge and advice among elite  women in eighteenth-century Scotland. University of Bordeaux Press

McKim, A. (2017). 'A woman of infinite wit, and agreeable conversation, always entertained me’: The Countess of Pomfret and Italian hospitality',  Journal of Anglo-Italian Studies.

Recent Publications

  • McKim, A. M. (2017). A woman of infinite wit, and agreeable conversation, always entertained me:” The Countess of Pomfret and Italian Hospitality. Journal of Anglo-Italian Studies, 15, 1-21.

  • McKim, A. (2017). If your daughters are inclined to love reading, do not check their inclination: Passing on knowledge and advice among elite women in eighteenth-century Scotland. In L. Graham (Ed.), The Production and Dissemination of Knowledge in Scotland (pp. 185-204). Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté (PUFC) (University Press of Franche-Comté).

  • McKim, A. M. (2016). ‘”The Pretender (whom you desire an account of)”: Curious travellers and the exiled Stuarts in Rome’. In Sixteenth International Conference on the Literature of Region and Nation. University of A Coruña, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

  • Moffat, K., & McKim, A. (2016). Transforming conceptual space into a creative learning place: crossing a threshold. In Arts and Humanities in Higher Education Vol. 15 (pp. 414-431). Conference held at AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand: SAGE Publications. doi:10.1177/1474022215572915

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I currently supervise student research in travel writing and medievalism

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Doctoral Research Unit, Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research

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