Dr Ottilie Stolte

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: BSocSc, MSocSc, PhD Waikato

([email protected])

About Ottilie

Dr Stolte works as an interdisciplinary social scientist who applies societal, community, and critical approaches to her research.


Health; Poverty; Psychology; Social Science Research; Sociology

Homelessness; poverty, health inequalities; everyday life; place; community; social justice

Research Interests

Ottilie has broad interests in contemporary societal issues and inequalities. Particular research interests include poverty, homelessness, health and inequalities. In her research, Ottilie seeks to understand psychological issues within the broader social, cultural and political contexts of people's everyday lives. In 2006, Ottilie completed her PhD on the implementation frameworks for training policies targeting disadvantaged unemployed people. This research examined the policy process, from the macro-level concerns and political constraints, to the local context of community-based initiatives.

Recent Publications

  • Hodgetts, D., Stolte, O., Sonn, C., Drew, N., Carr, S., & Nikora, L. (2020). Social Psychology and Everyday Life (2 ed.). L. Zimmerman (Ed.), UK: Macmillan Education.

  • Cassim, S., Stolte, O., & Hodgetts, D. (2019). Migrants straddling the “here” and “there”: Explorations of habitus and hybrid identities among Sri Lankan migrants in New Zealand. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology. doi:10.1002/casp.2436

  • Cassim, G., Hodgetts, D., & Stolte, O. (2019). Hybrid identities and interconnected spacialities: The role of cricket in the settlement of Sri Lankan migrants in New Zealand. Community Psychology in Global Perspective, 5, 30-45. Retrieved from Open Access version:

  • Hodgetts, D., Stolte, O., King, P., & Groot, S. (2019). Reproducing the general through the local: Lessons from poverty research. In C. Højholt, & E. Schraube (Eds.), Subjectivity and Knowledge: Generalization in the Psychological Study of Everyday Life (pp. 157-174). Springer International Publishing. Open Access version:

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