Hao Truong

([email protected])

About Hao

I first came to New Zealand  to study IELTS Preparation as an international student, then I went on to  tertiary study at Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in Marketing.

Like you, I experienced culture shock after arriving in NZ, and dealt with many unexpected issues while settling into NZ's unique lifestyle. So I can relate to all of you who come to study in New Zealand from different countries and various cultural backgrounds. My work experience also includes the NZ International Education sector for the past five years, working as Student Support in two different New Zealand language schools.

Having been appointed as the International Student Support Coordinator for the Faculty, I am greatly looking forward to assisting you as your first point of contact, to ensure that help is always available where and when you need it. I  will make sure you get the best possible guidance to help you through your  studies and help you integrate into the New Zealand tertiary environment.

Please feel free to make an appointment to meet with me if you have any issues or concerns you would like to discuss.

I hope you have an enjoyable experience during your stay and time studying at the Faculty, and wish you all the best of efforts in achieving your goals.