Professor Vincent Reid

Head of School of Psychology

Qualifications: B.A. (Auckland), M.A. hons (Auckland), Ph.D. (Birkbeck, London)

([email protected])

About Vincent

Vincent is primarily a developmental psychologist.  His research interests are firmly rooted in psychology but cover a range of multi-disciplinary interactions, especially with biology, medical imaging, obstetrics, pediatrics and physics. His research has included tackling problems in measuring the developing functional brain, understanding fetal behaviour, exploring perceptual and social development, and relations between motor-social-perceptual systems during development. Vincent explores these issues using a mix of brain and behaviour based experimental approaches.


Biology; Child Behaviour; Children; Data; Human Behaviour; Human Development; Imaging; Medical Physics; Psychology; Science

Social cognition
Perception (visual, auditory)
Brain imaging (EEG. ERP, oscillation analysis)
Fetal development

Recent Publications

  • Donovan, T., Dunn, K., Penman, A., Young, R. J., & Reid, V. M. (2020). Fetal eye movements in response to a visual stimulus. Brain and Behavior. doi:10.1002/brb3.1676

  • Sirri, L., Guerra, E., Linnert, S., Smith, E. S., Reid, V., & Parise, E. (2020). Infants’ conceptual representations of meaningful verbal and nonverbal sounds. PLOS ONE, 15(6), e0233968. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0233968 Open Access version:

  • Sirri, L., Linnert, S., Reid, V., & Parise, E. (2020). Speech Intonation Induces Enhanced Face Perception in Infants. Scientific reports, 10(1), 3225. doi:10.1038/s41598-020-60074-7 Open Access version:

  • Smith, E. S., Crawford, T. J., Thomas, M., & Reid, V. M. (2020). The Influence of Maternal Schizotypy on the perception of Facial Emotional Expressions during Infancy: an Event-Related Potential Study. Infant Behavior and Development, 58. doi:10.1016/j.infbeh.2019.101390

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Papers Taught


I am happy to supervise Ph.D. students on developmental aspects of social cognition, perception and cognition up to and including the preschool years. I have a strong interest in perception in the fetus. I would also welcome discussions on research methodologies and developing populations.  Novel settings and applications of EEG/ERP such as paediatric epilepsy, and data from the field are also of interest.

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