Division Values

The Division's main academic emphasis can be defined in very simple terms as the studies of people. This pertains to various societies, culture(s), politics and human geographies, with specialisation in certain areas, in particular our own, the Pacific, and countries of the Pacific Rim. It refers to creative productions, in literature, drama, music, and film; as well as historical and contemporary concepts in individual and collective thought. And it refers also to the behaviours and actions of individuals and groups.

Waikato's programme offers a unique combination of social responsibility, theoretical extension and advanced practical skills to prepare students for their vocation.

As such, it is important that students of ALPSS understand the value of their discipline and their degree, during their study and once they have graduated.

They should be encouraged to understand that their choice of study is of value to themselves and society; that they will also gain worthwhile skills that can be utilised in the workplace; and that studying for the pleasure of learning and for academic stimulation is as important as studying for vocational purposes.

Equipping Our Students

The Division will strive to ensure that our graduates should:

  • be lateral thinkers with disciplined minds
  • be able to make informed and independent decisions
  • be creative and innovative
  • have an ability to research using a variety of research skills/methodologies
  • have excellent written and oral communication skills
  • have an awareness of different cultures, including their own
  • have enjoyed a rewarding social life and had fun while studying
  • have been academically challenged
  • have developed a passion for study
  • have an international outlook

The Division aims to ensure students, both prospective and returning, receive the most accurate and detailed information available regarding their chosen degrees, and throughout their programmes of study. It is important that our students feel a part of a supportive Division, understanding their personal and academic aspirations and goals.

The Reception and Division Information Centre area on J Block Ground represents the Division's responsibility to its student body. It places students as the primary reason for the Division's existence as a new unit by creating a welcoming student advisory and service area. Here, students should be able to receive individual assistance with their programmes of study, and should be directed to the source of any further information they require.

The J Block Ground corridor represents the 'face' of the Division. Corridor noticeboards are used to promote our Schools and their subjects, upcoming activities and the degrees offered by the Division. In addition, students can find information about careers and job vacancies, graduate and postgraduate study and scholarships, and monthly displays about various aspects of the Division or University, such as student exchanges.