International Symposium - 17th & 18th February 2014

Transforming Public Engagement on Controversial Science & Technology

Te Whare Tapere Iti, The Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts
The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

Organisers - P Kurian and D MunshiORGANISERS

Priya Kurian
Associate Professor of Political Science & Public Policy,
The University of Waikato
Email: [email protected]

Debashish Munshi
Professor of Management Communication,
The University of Waikato
Email: [email protected]

The organisers thank the Royal Society of New Zealand for a Marsden Grant that helped facilitate the symposium; the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Waikato Management School of the University of Waikato for providing a stimulating environment for the researchers to work in; colleagues from several faculties on campus and visiting national and international delegates; Graeme Mackenzie for his administrative assistance; and Cathy Cross, Hannah Porter, Kylie Rae, Christine Armstrong, Jeremy Bell and Steph Chalmers for logistical support. We also thank Sandy Morrison for sustained support in planning the symposium, her colleagues at the School of Maori and Pacific Development and Talei Morrison and her team for sharing their cultural knowledge.

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