The Last Broadcast

Country of origin
Year of production

Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler
United States
86 min

This film shares a similar premise to The Blair Witch Project, although it was completed two years before (the success of Blair Witch and its similarity to this film greatly irritated its directors). The crew of a cult cable access programme called 'Fact or Fiction' attempt a live webcast of their search for the 'Jersey Devil', but are brutally murdered on location in the woods. One of the survivors is sentenced for the murders, but documentary filmmaker David Leigh (David Beard) re-investigates the evidence and discovers problems with the police case against the accused. He interviews the various participants in the case, and examines new video evidence of the last hours of the victims. The filmmakers used digital video, and the cast and crew consisted of themselves, family and friends from film school. The film maintains a mock-documentary form for most of its length (with the exception of a more conventionally filmed, and disappointing, ending).


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