The Blair Witch Project

Country of origin
Year of production

Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez
United States
89 min

A highly successful mock-documentary feature film which purports to present the discovered footage of three student filmmakers who disappeared while attempting to investigate the legend of the Blair Witch of Maryland. After a brief opening caption, the film is presented entirely as observational footage, and focuses on the gradual descent of the amateur filmmakers into fear and confusion, apparently at the hands of supernatural forces. This text is notable both as a rare example of a horror mock-documentary, and for the variety of promotional material designed for its release which sought to deliberate confuse the film's fictional status. Two promotional mock-documentaries were produced to promote the film and its more conventional horror sequel; Curse of the Blair Witch and Shadow of the Blair Witch. (See also The Last Broadcast)


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There are a huge number of websites either paying homage to the original film, or denigrating the Blair Witch phenomenon.