The Wicksboro Incident

Country of origin
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Richard Lowry and Rico Lowry
United States
80 min

Two documentary filmmakers encounter a man named 'Lloyd' who claims to have direct knowledge of a slow alien invasion, dating from his experiences in Wicksboro, Texas in 1953. Initially skeptical, the filmmakers agree to travel to Texas with him to seek out conclusive evidence. The Wicksboro town and community appears to have been wiped off the map, but the filmmakers' investigations discover evidence to corroborate Lloyd's story. Their presence, however, triggers an aggressive reaction from government agents and the group flee into the Texan desert. The film plays as a verité realisation of the alien-U.S. government conspiracy that is a significant strand of the television series The X-Files, with a similar frame as The Blair Witch Project (the film purports to be made from the recovered footage of the two filmmakers).


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