• Four lessons we must take away from the Christchurch terror attack (18 March 2019)

    Dr Joe Burton on what key points should shape the longer-term response by the New Zealand government.

  • All doom, no gloom (13 March 2019)

    Waikato graduate Shoshana Sachi has cracked Hollywood. She currently writes for TV show Doom Patrol, starring Brendan Fraser and Timothy Dalton.

  • If music is not a thing, then what is it? (11 March 2019)

    In the first lecture of the University of Waikato’s Hamilton Public Lecture series composer and Head of Composition Professor Martin Lodge delves into the fundamental question of why do we humans make, play and listen to music?

  • Dirty politics (11 March 2019)

    Justin Phillips looks at whether so-called attack ads are an effective means of winning elections.

  • What Indonesia should know about the University of Waikato (5 March 2019)

    The Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand spent 20 years in front of the camera, now he has been back in the film studio, this time at University of Waikato.

  • Calling all writers! (3 March 2019)

    The University of Waikato is pleased to announce the launch of a new national short story competition, the Sargeson Prize, with a first prize of $5000.

  • When machine learning, Twitter and te reo Māori merge (11 February 2019)

    Researchers have whittled down a massive 8 million tweets, to a more manageable 1.2 million to look at how te reo Māori is being used in the genre.

  • Summer Research Scholarship wrap up (8 February 2019)

    A successful summer of research was wrapped up at a function held at the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts on 7 February.

  • Why are handguns killing more US toddlers? (29 January 2019)

    New research indicates the increasing number of handguns in American homes is killing more toddlers.

  • When two Heads are better than one (23 January 2019)

    Anaru Palmer and Leah Owen, departing head prefects of Tauranga Boys’ and Tauranga Girls’ Colleges, start their tertiary journey at the University of Waikato in Tauranga and will be amongst the first cohort of students at the new city campus.

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