FASS Events

Upcoming Events

  • 2020 New Zealand Linguistics Society Language and Society Conference

    Date Wednesday 10 - Friday 12 February 2021
    Time 9am (Wednesday 10 February) - 5pm (Friday 12 February)
    Location University of Waikato, Hamilton

    The University of Waikato will be hosting the 2020 New Zealand Linguistics Society Language and Society Conference from 10 - 12 February 2021. The intention is for the conference to…

  • Postgraduate Conference - Perspectives on Intentionality and Consciousness

    Date Thursday 25 - Friday 26 March 2021

    With support from the Australasian Association of Philosophy. The intentionality of consciousness may be defined as the relation according to which conscious states have an "aboutness", they point to something…

Past Events

  • 20th Century Archives: A Workshop

    Date Friday 20 November 2020
    Time 9:30am - 4pm
    Location University of Waikato - Room J.2.18

    Please join us for an interdisciplinary workshop that aims to bring together postgrads and researchers working with archives of all kinds. The workshop will include three sessions: Discussion about pre-circulated…

  • School of Psychology Seminar Series

    Date Monday 9 November 2020
    Time 1pm - 2pm
    Location University of Waikato - MSB.1.01

    Wilful ignorance: Why do people ignore expert consensus on scientific issues? by Professor Marc Wilson If scientists believe, argue, and overwhelming take the position that anthropogenic climate change is a…

  • ALPSSGRAD 2020 - Graduate and Postgraduate Conference

    Date Wednesday 4 - Thursday 5 November 2020
    Time 9am (Wednesday 4 November) - 5pm (Thursday 5 November)
    Location Zoom

    Come along to the ALPSSGRAD 2020 Graduate and Postgraduate Conference where students from across New Zealand come together to share their ideas and research in a supportive, professional and congenial…

  • Adventures in Failure

    Date Friday 30 October 2020
    Time 7pm - 9pm
    Location Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts (Playhouse Theatre)

    Professor Helen Heels presents a Lecture/Demonstration in three parts with a variety of Extraordinary Artefacts. Join Professor Helen Heels (Declan Patrick) and Manly Stud Mr Cliff Edge (Karen Barbour) for…

  • Book Launch - US Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump by Reuben Steff

    Date Wednesday 21 October 2020
    Time 3pm - 5pm
    Location I.2.22, University of Waikato

    When asked how he deals with the frenetic madness that surrounds him, Donald J. Trump once responded “I am the storm”. Meanwhile, senior officials in his administration say the US…

  • Writing Workshop

    Date Wednesday 21 October 2020
    Time 1pm - 2:30pm
    Location University of Waikato - Student Centre - Room M.1.42

    Senior secondary school writers! Tracey Slaughter and Catherine Chidgey are holding a FREE writing workshop at the University of Waikato for YOU! They'll guide you through an interactive exercise to…