• Fighting for Māori data rights (1 November 2019)

    Two researchers are helping to pioneer a global initiative that seeks to restore control of data to Indigenous people.

  • Psychology Research Poster Session 2019 (31 October 2019)

    From the topic of memory and attention in everyday driving to the relationship between traumatic brain injury and the risk of reconviction in offenders serving community based sentences, this year’s Psychology poster session showcased a wide range of questions that Waikato’s honours students have worked hard to answer this year.

  • Kiwi literary talent awarded top prize (10 October 2019)

    The inaugural Sargeson Prize was awarded last night – the country’s richest short story prize.

  • Hamilton Public Lecture Series - Migration: geography, desire and inequality (10 October 2019)

    In his Hamilton Public Lecture, Professor Francis L. Collins will address the question of migration, the indirect route he has taken to become a migration researcher and his own discomfort with some of the core claims of the field of migration studies.

  • Towards a Sociology of New Zealand (25 September 2019)

    In his Hamilton Public Lecture, Professor Curtis will start with a discussion of sociology as a problem-solving approach

  • University of Waikato secures more than $6m in MBIE research funding (17 September 2019)

    The University of Waikato has received more than $6 million in research funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

  • Visual masters for prized photographer (5 September 2019)

    Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Todd Henry has just submitted his masters thesis at the University of Waikato, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it involves photographs.

  • Research looks into ‘belonging’ for disabled people (24 July 2019)

    Understanding why and where disabled people feel they belong is the focus of a joint research report launched last night between the University of Waikato, the Disabled Persons Assembly (DPA) and advocacy and disability rights organisation Imagine Better.

  • Professor awarded $1.1m research grant for child concussion study (5 July 2019)

    Professor Nicola Starkey from the University of Waikato has been awarded a project grant of $1.1m by the Health Research Council to research patterns of recovery from concussion in children and adolescents.

  • In the minds of family violence offenders (20 June 2019)

    New Zealand has the highest rates of reported domestic violence in the OECD and a Waikato student is working to discover the psychology of the perpetrators of family violence.

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