• Why are handguns killing more US toddlers? (29 January 2019)

    New research indicates the increasing number of handguns in American homes is killing more toddlers.

  • When two Heads are better than one (23 January 2019)

    Anaru Palmer and Leah Owen, departing head prefects of Tauranga Boys’ and Tauranga Girls’ Colleges, start their tertiary journey at the University of Waikato in Tauranga and will be amongst the first cohort of students at the new city campus.

  • Playing his way into uni (22 January 2019)

    Fergus Byett, dux and head boy, pianist, saxophonist and organist, and now a Hillary Scholar.

  • Moving mountains (22 January 2019)

    Not even mountains will hold Professor Lynda Johnston back. The self-professed geographer and mountaineer with “attitude and altitude” is off to experience some of the world’s tallest peaks in the Himalayas before returning home to navigate the Kaimai’s, relocating from Hamilton to Tauranga.

  • Waikato student wins Best Poem Award (18 December 2018)

    Aimee-Jane Anderson-O’Connor’s poem “Instructions” has picked up the 'Best Poem' award at the Spinoff Review of Books Awards.

  • New guidelines for better healthcare for transgender people (14 December 2018)

    Health professionals and transgender advocates from around the country have created a new set of guidelines.

  • Revealing mākutu (12 December 2018)

    Historian Dr Nēpia Mahuika has a received a significant new award to look at the history of mākutu.

  • Family first, study later (7 December 2018)

    Mavae Ahio took longer than expected to get his degree, but he's just fine with that.

  • Can an app make the experience of pregnancy easier? (5 December 2018)

    Waikato researchers believe they have created an app that can make a real difference for pregnant women, their partners and families.

  • Mental Health Inquiry a wasted opportunity (5 December 2018)

    Dr Waikaremoana Waitoki looks at whether the report from the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction hits the mark.

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