Research Case Studies

Homelessness Research

FASS researchers are urging New Zealanders to view homelessness as an issue about relationships and our responses to poverty.

Māori Men's Wellness

The importance of supportive relationships and their impact on Māori men will plug a crucial research gap into what keeps Māori men well.

Learning, Behaviour, and Welfare

Psychology researchers are working to identify behavioural methodologies and treatments with potential human and non-human animal applications.

Drive to the Conditions

Realistic video simulators enable drivers to be tested in a range of road conditions in this innovative research.

Rena Disaster Research

For the volunteers who helped clean up the coastline after the Rena disaster in 2011, a sense of community spirit offered a positive experience.

Mental Health and Migration

Looking to the past for answers; what 19th century mental health records of migrants can teach us about our current systems.

Space, Place, and Sex

Statues, cyber-sex, and mail-order brides feature in the nuanced argument of FASS geographers that space and place matter to sex.

Sustainable Citizenship

Sustainable citizenship research centres on citizens' methods for impacting policy decisions, particularly around novel technology.

Automated Knowledge Discovery

A unique collaboration between researchers in computer science and philosophy may be taking us closer to the notion of artificial intelligence.