Research Case Studies

Contract Motherhood

Surrogate motherhood should be treated like any other profession - and compensated and regulated accordingly, argue philosophers.

Letters of a Literary Legend

Although best known for his short stories, Frank Sargeson was also a playwrite, memoirist, acclaimed novelist, and wrote over 6,000 letters.

Netspace: The Final Frontier

A piece of music has been performed in real time from three different countries thousands of kilometers apart using IPv6.

The Languages of Vanuatu

Waikato linguist to complete the world's first large-scale comprehensive study of "mood systems" in the Vanuatu languages.

Video Game Censorship

A study of the impact of video game violence on young kiwis will help to develop the censorships that guard them.

The Invisible Epidemic

A recent psychology study urges us to take head injuries in children more seriously to reduce long-term social and healthcare implications.

Making Active Ageing a Reality

Major research into 'active ageing' aims to provide policy makers with the information they need to respond to major demographic shift.