Audience Research Unit

Our People

I Delmotte

Dr Isabelle Delmotte

PhD (SCU, Australia), MFA Research (U.N.S.W, Australia)


Current project

Locating ‘nature’ in the soundscapes of popular wildlife documentaries
My current project explores phenomenological experiences of sound professionals at various production stages of popular nature and/or wildlife programmes. More than ever digital technologies have transformed audio devices to be at once multi- sensory receptors, transmitters, recorders and amplifiers thus remodeling our lived cultural and mediatised landscapes. The research examines the combination of audio-visual conventions, environmental consciousness, audience experiences and phenomenology of aesthetic practices within the framework of sensory ethnography and sensory anthropology


  • Delmotte, I. A. (2015). Freeing the imagination: ‘The best movie is the one in my head’. Studies in Australasian Cinema, 9(2), 171-186. doi:10.1080/17503175.2015.1060002
  • Delmotte, I. A. (2014). Tuned in and hands on: Sound designers beyond technical expertise. Journal of Sonic Studies, 6(1), 1-12. Retrieved from nr01/a06