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A Zalipour

Dr Arezou Zalipour

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Current projects

Asian diasporic films and their Audiences in New Zealand
In my overall project (2012-2015), I conceptualised ‘Asian New Zealand Cinema’ for the first time, by focusing on the presence, formation, and appearance of a diasporic cinema understood or sensed in New Zealand through the diasporic subjects’ participation in the creative industry and cultural production of their adopted land. My research is also recognised to be innovative in the area of diasporic film studies specifically for the close attention it pays to the diasporic film viewer or audience through an empirical research framework. I discussed the ways diasporic audiences engage with such cultural products, and that their responses can provide us with social and cultural trajectories of their understanding of themselves in their new environment.

New Zealand’s Diasporic Cultural Production and Creative Practices, and their Audiences’ Experiences (2016 to date)

Consumption of Media News in New Zealand Using a Q-Sort Methodology
This project is part of an international collaboration across 11 countries. I’m part of the local team researching New Zealand’s media news consumption with Associate Professor Craig Hight from the University of Newcastle, Australia.


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