Audience Research Unit

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We are keen to partner with media producers and funders and to develop specifically tailored studies exploring the engagements of contemporary audiences for current and future media productions. To date, there has been relatively little in-depth empirical research into how different audiences access, interpret and use media content in their everyday lives, particularly in the New Zealand context. Traditionally, broadcasters have relied on market research and static sampling methods such as television ratings to measure audience responses. The information such research gathers often fails to deliver detailed insights into the ways that access, age, gender, and other social and personal circumstances shape people’s engagement and response in complex ways. In a context of growing proliferation of media content and the dispersal of audiences across a wide range of platforms, producers and funders can benefit greatly from utilising more flexible and innovative research approaches to explore how diverse audiences interact with a wide variety of media products.

Recently commissioned research

Lealand, Geoff (2016). ‘Why do teachers keep using American films when ours are so good?’ The Use of New Zealand Screen Content in New Zealand Schools. Wellington: New Zealand On Air.

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