Behaviour Analysis Theses and Research Students

Masters Research Students 2016/2017

Accepted for B semester 2017:
Ana Romero
Nancy Gratian
Rachel Tan
Karishma Turner
Beverley Slater

Accepted for A semester 2017:
Lara Grace  - to come
Deborah Ann Lobo –  to come
Nicole Kruger – Evaluation of the PEAK relational training system
Tadgh Norgrove – Outcomes of conflicting relational training
Mikaela Neil-Wood – Relational training and consumer behaviour
Lara Seal – Special needs children
Kylee Lochead – Canine separation Anxiety

Started and Ongoing 2017:
2015 Eddie Mtakwa – Within session preference for two different food reinforcers when cost is increased
2015 Thea King – Differential reinforcement of low-rate behaviour in the brush tail possum

2016 Olga Pusheko – Effects of differential reinforcement on resistance of behaviour
2016 Nicole Bates – Comparison of preference assessment methods with goats
2016 Anna Tashkoff – Influences of response effort on signal detection in hens
2016 Kelsey Anderson – Training teachers to do functional analysis of challenging behaviour
2016 Janine Haycock – Influences of reinforcement and signal rate on signal detection in hens

2017 Jesse Quaife – Evaluation of dogs’ ability to detect aquatic species
2017 Claudia Giezen – Influences of reinforcement and signal rate on signal detection in dogs
2017 Wendy Turton – Learning characteristics under rapid re-training on unique scents with dogs
2017 Alana Michell – Evaluation of online behavioural skills training programme for data collection
2017 Sara RungaACT and obesity
2017 Fengshan Lee ACT app – The Happiness Trap – for reducing stress or anxiety
2017 Julia Thomas – Separation anxiety in adopted greyhounds
2017 Sukrita Bhalay – Factors influencing user engagement with an application for expecting mothers
2017 Xiaosha Meng – Establishing reinforcers through relational training
2017 Ruth Liliana Tizon Ronceros De Qureshi – Precision teaching
2017 Jo Luckie –  Signal Dectection

Submitted 2017:
Tokiko Taylor – Influences of incentives on implicit relational assessment procedure performance
Carly Walker – Evaluation of an online programme to increase psychological flexibility
Amy Clarke – Teaching social skills to children with special needs using video modelling
Jacob Kerewaro – The effect of body weight on accuracy in delayed matching to sample

PhD Students 2016/2017

Joseph Graddy – Evaluation of the association between relational responding and measures of intelligence
David Hollands – Signal Detection
Tegan Andrews - Variables that influence impulsivity and risky behaviour with humans
Haylee Ellis – Signal detection with Giant African Pouched Rats
Karen Sluter - Investigations of DRA with hens (translational research)
Kathleen Doolan - Operant Variability and Sequence Learning
Morton Osborne - An examination of teacher – pupil interactions in the classroom
Surrey Jackson - An Investigation into Establishing (Motivating) Operations

Completed Behavioural Theses Include:

PhD Theses

2016 Browne Clare.  The Effects of Delayed Positive Reinforcement on Learning in Dogs
2016 Xiuyan (Kitt) Kong.  An Analysis of the Impact of Reinforcement on Behaviour Variability
2014 Cameron, Kristie. Food preferences and demand in the brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)
2014 Levine, Joshua. An Investigation Into Rate-building and Cues on Conditional Discrimination Performance Using a Repeated Acquisition Procedure
2011 Jones (Tannahill), Amy. Methodologies for assessing domestic hens' preferences for sounds
2011 Railton, Renee. Visual discrimination and object/picture recognition in hens
2011 Harris, Aimee. FR schedules: Delay, response requirement, and schedule duration
2011 Kinloch, Jennifer. Stimulus Equivalence: A comparison of operant and associative procedures
2010 Blackmore, Tania. Learning in Dairy Cows
2008 Vivian, Melanie. Operant methodology out of the lab and applied to enrichment with captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)
2007 Webber, Simon. Psychological Time: The effects of task complexity upon the human estimation of duration
2006 Messick, Eric. Behavioural economics: The Inferior Good Effect
2005 Pocock, Trudy. An Analysis of Precision Teaching
2004 Etheredge, Richard. The effects of shadow presence on visual object-recognition
2002 Adamson, Coreen. Effects of sample-set size on delayed-matching-to-sample
2002 Signal, Tania D. Assessing psychophysical abilities in brushtail possum
2001 Herbert, Averil. Whanau whakapakari: a Maori-centred approach to child rearing and parent-training programmes
2001 Bron, Angela M. Concurrent schedule performance of possums : a comparison of two models
2000 Weavers, Richard. Aspects of hens' visual behaviour
2000 Cleland, Bryce S. Variables controlling the resurgence of previously reinforced behaviour in hens
1999 Heriot, Sandra. The relative effectiveness of alternative treatments for young children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
1998 McAdie Tina Maria. The effects of white noise on the operant behaviour of domestic hens
1996 Sumpter, Catherine Elizabeth. Differing response requirements: effects on measures of preference and demand
1990 Hunt, Maree J. Multiple schedules: the effects of temporal factors on behaviour
1990 Blackman, Katharine A. Fixed-ratio schedule performance: the effects of some economic conditions
1989 De Mello, Lesley R. The effect of procedural variations on discriminative performance : visual acuity in the domestic hen
1983 Scown, Jan M. Changeover delay and concurrent schedules
1983 Matthews, Lindsay R. Measurement and scaling of food preferences in dairy cows: concurrent schedule and free-access techniques

Masters Theses

2016 Singh, Satvir. ACT and smoking cessation suing a smart phone application
2016 Lim, Stefan. Using the Implicit Relational Procedure (IRAP): Implicit Attitudes and Materialism
2016 Penman, Jenna. Choosing Choice: An Assessment of Children's Preference to Choose
2016 Good, Courtney. Head Eye and Comb Temperature Changes in Chooks During Handling:  The use of infrared thermal imaging in observing stress in chickens. (Gallus gallus domesticus).
2016. Buchanan, Nicky. A visual discrimination task to identify judgement bias in hens (Gallus gallus domesticus).
2016 Bremner, Stephanie.  Sub-optimal in the Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpeca): The Effect of Terminal Link Duration on Choice
2016 Janson, Melissa.  The Gamification of Recycling Behaviour
2016 Hamling, Chelsea.  Improving prospective memory in normally developing pre-school aged children
2016 ter Veer Burke, Stacey.  Judgement Bias in Hens
2016 Bright, John.  Visual estimation of the direction of complex moving patterns by domestic chickens (Gallus gallus)
2016 Hancox, Victoria Leigh.  Sub-optimal Choice Behaviour by Possums
2016 Wan, Jennifer.  Visual perception of a motion after effect in domestic chickens (Gallus Gallus): A behavioural analytic approach
2016 Hill, Stephanie.  An Investigation of Supoptimal Choice by Possums
2016 Buchanan, Nicky.  A visual discrimination task to identify judgement bias in hens (Gallus gallus domesticus)
2016 Teo, Adam.  Demonstrating and investigating resurgence with human participants in laboratory research
2016 Armstrong, Rebecca.  Motivation, constraint and association.  An analysis of Killeen's (1994) Mathematical principles of reinforcement
2016 Harvey, Doug.  A replciation and extension of Hughes and Barnes-Holmes's (2011) Study of induced implicit attitudes
2015 Peisley, Monique.  A Positive Behavioural Intervention on Prospective Memory of Children with Autism
2015 Bicknell, Sinead.  The Relation between preference and price of different amounts of food with hens
2015 Graddy, Joseph.  Flexibility, Impulsivity, and Relational Responding
2015 Takagi, Kiyoteru (Teru).  The near-miss effect in the domestic hen
2015 Young, Rachel.  The effects of reinforcer magnitude in the preceding and upcoming ratios on between-ratio pausing in multiple fixed-ratio schedules
2015 Hoogstraten, Sarah.  Behaviour determinants of the 'choose-short effect'
2015 van der Toorn, Kim.  The effect of economy type (open vs closed) on the demand for foods by hens
2015 Wiles, Lisa.  The ability of two internal clock models to predict performance on a temporal bisection procedure
2015 Ellis, Haylee.  Visual depth perception via motion parallax by chickens (Gallus gallus) in an operant chamber
2015 Yang, Le (Arial).  Suboptimal choice behaviour across different reinforcement probabilities
2015 Allan, Vincent.  Automated Technology Based Behavioural Intervention to Promote Exercise Adherence: A Pilot Study to Ascertain Efficacy
2015 Crawford, Demelza.  Habituation and Dishabituation of Physical Activity
2015 Tritt, Jacqui.  ACT and food craving in a non-clinical population
2015 Zhang, Yi.  The further analysis of Catania's oncept of the operant
2015 Jenkins (now Murfitt), Ayla. Assessing the food preference of the brushtail possum (Trichosurius vulpecular) using fixed-ratio schedules
2014 Worth, Gemma. Dairy calves’ preference for rearing substrates
2014 Andrews, Tegan. Body weight as a motivating operation : the effect of body weight on demand for food in hens
2014 Juekarun, Ploy. Escape from the peak procedure
2014 Hay, Louise. Temporal stimulus generalization with humans
2014 Bundenberg, Grace. A Magnitude Effect in Temporal Discounting with Hens
2014 Ngatai, Karmen. Suboptimal Choice Behaviour in Hens
2014 Sluter, Karen. Contingency control of spatial responding
2013 Goldsmith, Micaela. Choosing to choose: Preference for free-choice over forced-choice
2013 Schroeder, Laura.  The effects of altering maintenance diet on food preferences of hens
2013 Cliff (Kelmere), Jessica.  A Test of Weber's Law with Dogs
2013 Stuart, Stacey. The effects of delay to reinforcement and inter-trial interval on fixed-ratio schedule performance
2013 Stanley, Christopher. Timing in possums: Accounting for resurgence in the peak procedure
2012 Lord, Sarah. Dog Behaviour: Effects of Delay to Reinforcement
2012 Scafturis, (now Smith) Lauren Haylee. Signalled delay to reinforcement in delayed matching to sample
2012 McHugh, Mark.
2012 Staples, Krystal. The Role of Differential Outcomes on Gambling Behaviour
2012 Cronin, Ian Raymond. Possum Food Preferences Under Progressive-Ratio and Concurrent-Schedules of Reinforcement
2012 Campbell, Toby Gwynne. Effect of Response rates on Non-Distracted and distracted conditional discrimination performance
2012 Cotton, Maree. An investigation of Catania's concept of the operant
2011 Frankish, Rosanne. The effect of caffeine deprivation on decisions about future events in humans
2011 Thomas, Leny. The use of a Self-Help book based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: To improve General Well-being and Reduce Stress among Support Workers in Disability Sector
2011 Jackson, Surrey. The effect of altering maintenance diet on demand for reinforcers
2011 Lockhart, Rachel. Time Perception: A Test of Weber's Law in Possums
2011 Bjarnesen, Rebecca. The Effect of Effort: An analysis of Killeen's (1994) Mathematical Principles of Reinforcement
2010 Mathews, Subin. Teaching time telling and examining the relative effects of rate-building and rate-controlled practice on the retention and generalization of the time cues
2010 Lim, Bee Lan Linda. An investigation of two behavioural economic approaches to evaluating reinforcer value
2010 George, Veronica Anne. The Effectiveness of Precision Teaching when Working with Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
2010 Huxtable, Jenny Marie. An Evaluation of a Self-directed Parent Training Programme.
2010 Noorland, Jana Maree. Errorless compliance training: Used by a researcher and teacher aides to increase compliance of children under five years of age in either the home or education setting
2009 Armistead, Mary. A comparison of demand for two different feeds with horses (Equus callabus)
2009 Kong, Xiuyan (Kitt). Precision teaching: fast practice or merely more practice results in better learning
2009 Cameron, Kristie Elizabeth. Effect of stimulus and response separation on brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) behaviour in a MTS task
2009 McQuarters, Désirée Julia Bettina.& An examination of the effectiveness of precision teaching
2009Baker, Laura. Does training improve performance on a perspective-taking task?
2009 Lynch, Denise Mary. The assessment of preference with children: the effects of pre-exposure
2009 Frank, Tenille. Applications of implicit praise in the classroom
2009 Yuan, Chengan. Preference in Asynchronous Presentation of Stimuli
2009 Gary, Oliver. Catania's concept of the operant revisited: Empirical analysis of response variation and controlling contingencies
2008 Osugi, Mizuho. Measuring auditory thresholds in brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula)
2008 Evans-Mcleod, Alaina. Positive Teaching: Challenges for Success
2008 Pope, James. Peer processes and adolescent behaviour.
2008 Dekker, Anna Margaretha. Comparing wrong/right with right/right exemplars in video modelling to teach social skills to children with autism
2008 Neshausen, Leanne Behavioural variation in extended and alternating extinction
2008 Beharry, Prya. Acceptance and commitment therapy for public speaking: a self-help format
2007 Brierly, Emerald An evaluation of functional assessment of the behaviour of students with ADHD in a mainstream classroom
2007 Koretz, Jasmine. Enhancing oral comprehension and emotional recognition skills in children with autism: a comparison of video self modelling with video peer modelling
2007 Johnston, Marnie. Acceptance and commitment therapy for chronic pain: an evaluation of the self-help book, Living beyond your pain
2007 Foster, Kristal Claire. Stress, health and mindfulness: exploring relationships and mechanisms using self-report measures
2007 Bruce, Julie-Anne. The relation between preference and demand in the domestic hen: does preference vary with price?
2006 Niyaz, Fathimath (Ahlam). Precision Teaching of children with ADHD and a learning diasability
2006 Hardakker, Bethany Jane. A study of short-term remembering in the possum (Trichosurus vulpecula): Using a delayed-matching-to-sample procedure
2006 McGregor, Susan Jennifer . Practice Makes the Difference: the Effect of Rate-building and Rate-controlled Practice on Retention
2006 Harris, Aimee Rebecca. The relation between preference and demand for litter substrates in the domestic hen.
2006 Briggs, Ann Margaret. An evaluation of training in conducting analogue functional analyses.
2006 Triplett (Faust), Helena Berger. Comparison of prompt fading and trial-and-error for teaching students with developmental delays on the computer.
2006 Kinloch, Jennifer May. Extinction-Induced Variability in Human Behaviour
2006 Vanstone, Anna. Infrared vision in the possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)
2005 Grant, Amber. Preference and Demand: Magnitude of the reinforcer with hens
2005 Botha, Hilda. Fluency training to teach handwriting skills
2005 Nixon, Alena. The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and its effects of other behaviour in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
2004 Tannahill, Amy, R. Social preferences of domestic hens: choice between hens differing in social rank
2003 Butterworth, Matthew. Mahi whakatieke: increasing exercise compliance with Maori students
2003 Railton, Renee. Pecking devices: the effects on hens' behaviour and demand measures
2003 Hoan, Andros. Peak shift in remembering
2002 Kim, Ji Yeon. Hens' timing ability
2002 Williams, Margaret. Behaviour fluency: testing group and individual interventions
2002 Frazer, Jacqueline. Psychological intervention in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type-1
2002 Flevill, Amanda J. The relation between preference and demand in the domestic hen
2002 Martin, Joanne. Food preference assessment with brushtail possums ( Trichosurus vulpecula )
2001 Sycamore, Adele. The effects of social rank on social preference in domestic hens.
2001 Sealey, Diane M . The assessment of preference: comparing time based and response based measures.
2001 Vivian, Melanie. The effect of a combination of environmental enrichment elements on the psychological well-being of captive chimpanzees ( Pan troglodytes )
2000 Blackmore, Tania L. A behavioural investigation of colour vision in horses
2000 Pocock, Trudy L. Presence of another hen as a biaser in multiple concurrent schedules
2000 Van der Pol, Jessica. Inappropriate urine marking in domestic cats ( Felis catus ): prevalence and treatment
1999 McBriar, Katherine J. Self-control: systematic preference shifts within a session
1998 Sargisson, Rebecca, J. Measuring auditory thresholds in hens using constant stimuli and pest titration procedures.
1998 Saunders, Kaylene M. Humans' sensitivity to points delivery
1997 Etheredge, Richard. Delayed matching to sample: the effects of delaying reinforcement at a single post-sample stimulus delay
1997 Snook, Leonie. Behavioural momentum? revisited
1997 Webber, Simon J. Humans and their self-control
1997 Muir, Katrina M. Multiple-concurrent schedule performance of the New Zealand brushtail possum
1997 Smith, Karen J. Delayed matching to sample with hens: the effects of training with a 4-S delay
1996 Cleland, Bryce S. Resurgence of previously reinforced behaviour
1996 Hudson , Dianne M. Fixed-ratio responding in the possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)
1996 Walker, Jacqui. Concurrent schedules: a method for measuring social preferences of hens
1995 Adamson, Coreen. Effects of single and multiple sample stimuli on delayed matching to sample
1995 Signal, Tania D. Progressive ratios: a method for investigating substitutability between commodities in the domestic hen?
1994 Patterson-Kane, Emily G. The ability of hens to recognise video images as the objects they represent
1993 Calvert. Susan W. The differential effects of continuous and fixed-ratio reinforcement schedules in parent-administered dry-bed training with persistent and intermittent nocturnal enuretics
1993 Day, Jacqueline J. Fixed-ratio schedules with hens: the effects of session length
1993 Edghill, Richard. An investigation to validate a method of assessing preference with non-verbal persons who have an intellectual handicap
1993 Fawkes, Matthew S. Conditioned food aversion in the common brushtail possum ( Trichosurus vulpecula )
1993 Robinson, Tracy A. Progressive ratio schedule performance by hens
1993 Sumpter, Catherine E. Bias in concurrent schedule: different responses
1993 Weavers, Richard. DMTS: task acquisition and reinforcer
1992 Leslie, Andree J. Comparisons of demand functions produced from two different response forms
1992 Rumball, Anna L. An analysis of demand under fixed- and random-ratio schedules 1992 Tod, Mark A. Human responding in self-control procedures
1991 McAdie, Tina Maria. Noise as a biaser of concurrent schedule performance
1991 Mitcheson, Karen L. Behavioural momentum? 1991 Odey, Melanie. Delayed matching to sample with hens: the effects of some procedural variations
1991 Emslie, Margaret, E. Computer assisted learning: money skills; teaching appropriate use of coins to children
1991 Stucke, Kelly A. Nocturnal enuresis: differential schedules of reinforcement in parent-administered DryBed Training
1991 Van der Plas, Aase. Social preference and behaviour in domestic fowl: flock-reared versus cage-reared hens
1990 Hatton, Leonard J. Concurrent schedules: the effect of different changeover procedures
1990 Mackenzie, Julie. An investigation of some aspects of the aversiveness of sounds to hens
1990 Mackenzie, Christine M. A. Delayed matching-to-sample: manipulation of time and response requirements
1990 Phillips, Kathleen J. Concurrent schedules, effects of changeover delay
1990 Blackman, Katharine A. Fixed-ratio schedule performance: the effects of some economic conditions
1989 Carroll, Ian G. Delayed matching to sample: effects of sample duration
1989 McEwan, James S. A. Self control in hens: three procedures
1989 Macmillan, Elaine. The acquisition and generalization of computer aided learning of multiplication skills
1988 Jennens, Garth. The use of dependent concurrent schedules in dairy cow feed preference assessment
1988 Jones, Brent Maxwell. Response produced stimuli in a delayed matching to sample task
1987 Breen, Tania M. Delayed matching to sample: the relevance of training to stability
1987 Muller, Stephen A. Deriving aversive noise thresholds in hens
1987 Peters, Janet L. Behavioural assessment and management of chronic low-back pain in the home
1986 Williams, Geoffrey M. Computer aided learning: the effects of feedback, a game and a help menu on performance in subtraction
1985 Hunt, Maree. Multiple schedule performance: the effects of changing component duration
1985 Foreman, Fay. Reinforcer-specificity in speech training with the mentally retarded
1985 Howell, Peter. Specific versus non-specific consequences in teaching receptive labels to severely retarded children
1984 De Mello, Lesley Ruth. Concurrent schedules: effects of variable changeover delays
1984 Hoonhout, Joseph F. An investigation into the hearing abilities of dairy cows 1984 Marsh, John P. A. comparison of probe and stable estimates of dairy cow food preferences
1982 Marsh, Nigel V. The disruption of chain schedules
1982 Nair, Vijayen. An investigation of time allocation by dairy cows on concurrent schedules
1981 O'Donnell, Carol S. Detection of auditory stimuli by hens
1981 Wong, Thiam Meng. Response substitution: an assessment of the theory of operant behaviour proposed by H. Rachlin and B. Burkhard
1981 Barron, Andrew J. Schedule behaviour in pre-school children exposed to various fixed-interval conditions.
1981 Phillipps, David John. Choice and commitment: a reversal in a preference as a function of time
1981 Quirke, John McG. Bodyweight manipulation and schedule-induced attack in hens: a parametric analysis
1980 Siegert, Richard. The role of interim activities in behavioural contrast
1980 Arcus, Ruth. Teaching typewriting skills to mentally retarded adolescents
1980 Mintoft, Bridget. An investigation of media trapping
1979 Browne, Alison. An applied investigation of two schedules designed to differently reinforce low rates of responding (DRL)
1978 Townshend, Phillip L. Adjunctive behaviour in humans
1978 Cook Christine, H. E. J. Spatial distribution and rut-related behaviours in a small herd of captive fallow deer ( Dama dama )
1978 Barton, Jennifer, J. Electricity conservation: an investigation of procedures for reducing household electricity consumption
1978 Harper, Cheryl M. Training mirror-image discrimination in retardates
1978 Smith, Gwendoline. An analysis of three treatment techniques for weight reduction: contract, diet, and self-control eating patterns
1977 James, Stephen. Establishing reading behaviours in a young hospitalised child
1977 Matthews, Lindsay R. Dairy cow food preference: a quantitative assessment
1977 Mckessar, C. J. A comparison of feedback types for written language in the classroom
1977 Scown, Jan M. Choice and commitment: some aspects of self control in children