Māori & Psychology Research Unit

Director: Dr Mohi Rua

Director: Dr Bridgette Masters-Awatere

The Māori and Psychology Research Unit (MPRU), established in 1997, is a rapidly developing initiative designed to provide a catalyst and support network for enhancing research which has at its centre the psychological needs, aspirations, and priorities of Māori people. By networking and establishing working relationships with staff and students within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences as well as the University community, the MPRU has the capacity to draw together skilled and experienced interdisciplinary research groups able to deliver research that is of high quality.

An important role played by the MPRU is in providing invaluable practical experience to both Māori and non-Māori students through involvement in Māori focussed research, planning and management, as well as professional development activities. As scholarly pursuit and the development of students is part of the University's core business, the MPRU, through winning grants and awards, helps to provide options for students to supplement their income, and more importantly to further their academic development.

An advisory service anchored by the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, is provided by the MPRU, to researchers on culturally appropriate research methods and ethical standards to maintain when working with Māori. MPRU also provides a networking function with other Māori researchers and Centres in New Zealand/Aotearoa. A recruitment and training service for research assistants to achieve tasks specific to MPRU research projects is also provided.

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