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Environmental Planning in Context

Prof Iain White

Publication Cover This innovative introduction to environmental planning is designed for an international readership. Each of the book's chapters focuses on a key question in environmental planning and works through principles which are appropriate in any national context. Case studies from around the world show how the principles apply in practice.

Palgrave Macmillan (Feb, 2015)

ISBN: 9780230303270

Making Active Ageing A Reality: Maximising Participation and Contribution by Older People 2014

Peggy Koopman-Boyden, Michael P. Cameron, Judith Davey, Margaret Richardson

Publication Cover

This research addresses the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) question: “The participation of older people: How do older people participate positively in society? Specifically:

  • Aspirations: “What constitutes a ‘meaningful’ life for an older person living on their own and what motivates them to continue to seek independent living?”
  • Employment: “What kinds of work practices (e.g. part-time and flexible working hours) would allow older people to stay engaged in the labour market as long as they want to? If changes were to be implemented, what would the likely impact be on the labour market?”
  • •Digital media: “Social networks have changed ‘connectedness’ – what are the impacts of digital media on the participation of older people in society? Who is included/excluded?”

The overarching research question was seen, by the researchers, to acknowledge the increasing numbers of older people living in New Zealand, and, in line with the Government’s Positive Ageing Strategy, the need to keep older people active and participating in society.

This research report focuses on the three identified aspects of participation, and details the research findings in each area. It also puts forward, for the future wellbeing of an ageing society, a number of personal strategies and policy interventions at the community and national levels for consideration by government, local bodies, and community and private sector organisations.

ISBN: 978-0-473-30964-0

A Journey through Scotland (1723) - John Macky

Anne M. McKim

Publication Cover

In a series of fourteen letters, written in 1722 as he journeyed through Scotland, John Macky set out to show that the 'kingdom will not appear so despicable as some parts of the world imagine'.

Deliberately challenging the many negative accounts of the country in circulation at the time - by disgruntled English travellers and others who had never actually visited - this expatriate Scot published a lively and controversial guide to his native land. It proved to be a popular and influential work.

This new critical edition is introduced and richly annotated by Anne M. McKim, with a full index of people and places.

Grimsay Press (Aug, 2014)

ISBN: 1845301463

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Mayhem Literary Journal

Edited by Tracey Slaughter

Publication Cover

Mayhem is an exciting new literary journal showcasing creative writing by students, staff and alumni of the University of Waikato.

The emphasis is on creative work with a “capacity to seize the reader’s senses,” and Issue One contains a dynamic selection of poems, memoir, personal essays and short fiction, ranging from lyric to comic, political to personal, poignant to explosive.

Mayhem wants its readers to encounter “the power of a fine piece of writing to warm the skin of the heart, chill the back of the brain, to use language to colour outside the lines, to deepen, complicate, invert, irradiate our view of the world and our fragile selves within it,” and the journal welcomes contributions of creative work to add to its “online gallery of voices.”

Mayhem is seeking submissions of poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction, and will be releasing two issues each year.

Twelfth Night

Edited by Mark Houlahan, David Carnegie

Publication Cover This new book, published in time for the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth (1564) is part of the new Broadview/Internet Shakespeare Edition, with a fresh look at Shakespeare’s classic gender-bending comedy. The editors provide an extensive introduction, with a 21st century perspective on the play, and provide over 100 pages of contextual documents on key issues, such as gender wars, puritanism, music and marriage. Twelfth Night has seldom been off the stage since Shakespeare’s day. It has been performed for its romantic high comedy and its boisterous low comedy; with an emphasis on farce or on autumnal melancholy; as a celebration of heterosexual love or as an exploration of the complexity of gender. David Carnegie and Mark Houlahan’s introduction to the play provides a lively discussion of the play’s performance history and encourages readers to think about stagecraft and the play as a performance text, while the historical appendices provide materials that illuminate different thematic elements of the play.

Broadview Internet Editions (2014)

Codeswitching in university English-medium Classes:Asian perspectives

Roger Barnard, James McLellan

Publication Cover The central theme of this book is to consider the use of the students’ first language as well as the target language (i.e. codeswitching) in English language classrooms. The research undertaken for this book sought to uncover the codeswitching practices and beliefs of university teachers of English-medium classes in about twenty contexts across Asia. The authors of the case studies recorded and transcribed language lessons in their particular context, and calculated the amount of time spent on the students’ first language and the pedagogical functions served by this switching from English. Subsequently, they interviewed the teachers concerned to elicit their reasons for codeswitching. Each case study was commented on by a researcher in another context, often adding further examples from their own research. The main implication that can be drawn from these case studies – and the valuable introductory and concluding chapters – is that it is unwise to impose a monolingual policy in language classrooms; rather, teachers should be entitled to use all the linguistic resources available to them and their students in order to negotiate for meaning and to promote language learning.

Multilingual Matters (Dec, 2013)

ISBN: 1783090898

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Lan Yuan 蘭園: A Garden of Distant Longing

James Beattie, Duncan Campbell, Poetry: Sue Wootton, Photography: Wynston Cooper

Publication Cover This book tells the story of the world’s southern-most Chinese garden, a garden that was conceptualised in New Zealand, designed and built in Shanghai, before being shipped 13,000 kilometres to Dunedin. Lan Yuan thus connects two different histories, traditions and peoples. In following the garden-building principles of seventeenth-century China and in acknowledging the history of Otago, this beautiful garden both evokes the memory of the Chinese gold miners who reached New Zealand in the 1860s and confidently looks forward to the strengthening of the New Zealand-China relationship. This lavishly produced book - with over 100 colour images - invites readers to linger in the world of Lan Yuan, and to inscribe the garden with new meaning.

Dunedin Chinese Gardens Trust; Shanghai bo wu guan (2013)

ISBN: 0473257998

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The Great Adventure Ends - New Zealand and France on the Western Front

Edited by Nathalie Philippe, Christopher Pugsley, John Crawford, Matthias Strohn

Publication Cover World War I ended for the New Zealand Division some kilometres east of the old walled fortress town of Le Quesnoy in Northern France on 11 November 1918. The war had a cataclysmic impact on New Zealand which echoes to this day. It had an even greater impact on France, especially Northern France which endured much of its countryside and towns being occupied by the German Imperial Armies, then devastated in the battles to force their withdrawal. Written by a diverse group of French, English, German and New Zealand writers and researchers, this book examines the differing perceptions of the wartime experience climaxing with the battle at Le Quesnoy and the scaling of the town walls by the soldiers of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade on 4 November 1918.

John Douglas Publishing Limited (2013)

ISBN: 9780987666581

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Researching Language Teacher Cognition and Practice

Roger Barnard, Anne Burns

Publication Cover

This book presents a novel approach to discussing how to research language teacher cognition and practice. An introductory chapter by the editors and an overview of the research field by Simon Borg precede eight case studies written by new researchers, each of which focuses on one approach to collecting data. These approaches range from questionnaires and focus groups to think aloud, stimulated recall, and oral reflective journals. Each case study is commented on by a leading expert in the field - JD Brown, Martin Bygate, Donald Freeman, Alan Maley, Jerry Gebhard, Thomas Farrell, Susan Gass, and Jill Burton. Readers are encouraged to enter the conversation by reflecting on a set of questions and tasks in each chapter.

Multilingual Matters (Sep, 2012)

ISBN: 1847697895

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Changing Times, Changing Places

Catharine Coleborne, Waikato Mental History Group

Publication Cover

Changing Times, Changing Places is a collective history of Mental Health Services in the Waikato region from 1910 to 2012, including Tokanui as a hospital, which provides a pictorial and narrative account of the environment, buildings, staff and patient activity, care and treatment, and the socio-political context of the changing times it examines. For those who lived, worked or who were hospitalised at Tokanui Hospital, the place was far more than the sum of its physical spaces. For many, it was home and whanau or family. For others, it was a sad place that took them away from home and family.

This history is a collection of the different stories of the many members of that community, and the new communities which have followed its closure in 1997. In thirteen chapters, it tells these stories through the eyes of several writers, providing competing perspectives, hoping to capture close to the full range of responses to, and experiences of, mental health in the Waikato over time. The result of a major collaborative research project over a long period of time to produce a written historical record of the Waikato Mental Health Services, the book includes images and personal reflections.

The Waikato Mental Health History Group includes Catharine Coleborne, John Graham, Stephanie Lambert and Suzette Poole. The team has pursued this collective history for around six years. Together, they believe that the current goal for the Waikato District Health Board Mental Health and Addictions Service, to earn the reputation as a service people trust with their loved ones’ care, is both important and timely. They hope that the histories contained in this book will provide some further understanding of the complex past of mental health care.

Half Court Press Digital Media (Aug, 2012)

ISBN: 9780473216238

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