Madness in Museums

Catharine Colborne, Dolly Mackinnon

Publication Cover

Associate Professor Catharine Coleborne focuses on how psychiatric history is displayed in museums and how the past of psychiatric treatment is remembered in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK, in her new co-edited book, Exhibiting Madness in Museums: Remembering Psychiatry through Collection and Display. Cathy says this is a new way of studying the history of mental health.

“While much has been written on the history of psychiatry, remarkably little has been written about psychiatric collections or curating,” says Cathy. “This book tells us new things about how patients and consumers of mental health lived in these institutional spaces and how their 'things' had meaning to them.”

This is Associate Professor Coleborne’s third co-edited book and her fifth book in total. It was launched at the Australia and New Zealand Society for the History of Medicine Conference in July 2011.

Routledge (Jun, 2011)

ISBN: 0415880920

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