Mayhem Literary Journal

Edited by Tracey Slaughter

Publication Cover

Mayhem is an exciting new literary journal showcasing creative writing by students, staff and alumni of the University of Waikato.

The emphasis is on creative work with a “capacity to seize the reader’s senses,” and Issue One contains a dynamic selection of poems, memoir, personal essays and short fiction, ranging from lyric to comic, political to personal, poignant to explosive.

Mayhem wants its readers to encounter “the power of a fine piece of writing to warm the skin of the heart, chill the back of the brain, to use language to colour outside the lines, to deepen, complicate, invert, irradiate our view of the world and our fragile selves within it,” and the journal welcomes contributions of creative work to add to its “online gallery of voices.”

Mayhem is seeking submissions of poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction, and will be releasing two issues each year.