The Great Adventure Ends - New Zealand and France on the Western Front

Edited by Nathalie Philippe, Christopher Pugsley, John Crawford, Matthias Strohn

Publication Cover World War I ended for the New Zealand Division some kilometres east of the old walled fortress town of Le Quesnoy in Northern France on 11 November 1918. The war had a cataclysmic impact on New Zealand which echoes to this day. It had an even greater impact on France, especially Northern France which endured much of its countryside and towns being occupied by the German Imperial Armies, then devastated in the battles to force their withdrawal. Written by a diverse group of French, English, German and New Zealand writers and researchers, this book examines the differing perceptions of the wartime experience climaxing with the battle at Le Quesnoy and the scaling of the town walls by the soldiers of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade on 4 November 1918.

John Douglas Publishing Limited (2013)

ISBN: 9780987666581

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