Applications are due by the first Wednesday of each month


Dr Oleg Medvedev (Committe Convenor)


Eileen Fenner
[email protected]
ext. 4949

Ethics Approval Process

Any staff and student from Te Wānanga o Ngā Kete the Division of Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences (ALPSS) who are planning to conduct a research project that involves human participants will need approval from the ALPSS Human Research Ethics Committee  (this Committee replaces the former Faculty Committees of FASS, Te Piringa Faculty of Law & the School of Psychology, which are devolved committees of the University's Human Research Ethics Committee).

This site contains information about ALPSS' process for Ethical Approval.

Application Process

Ethical Approval must be gained prior to the commencement of the research. Applicants (and supervisors) are encouraged to begin the process in order to submit at least one month before beginning their research (e.g. to begin research in June, an application would need to be submitted in time for the May deadline). Please only submit applications to one Committee at a time (ALPSS Ethics Committee or UoW HREC)

  1. Download the:
    Ethics Application Form - Sample
    (please note hard copy applications are no longer required - please complete the online process) 

  2. Download the:
    Ethics Consent Form - Template
    - customise as appropriate for your research
    The list of 'Participants' Rights' included in the Guidelines is particularly helpful when writing your

  3. Download the:
    Ethics Information Sheet - Guidelines
    - create your 'Ethics Information Sheet' as appropriate for your research

  4. Download the:
    Ethics Checklist
    - include at the end of your application

  5. Submit Application

Your application will be considered at the next ALPSS Human Research Ethics Committee meeting.  7 to 10 working days after the application deadline a ALPSS HREC Committee meeting will be held.  You can expect to receive a letter from the Committee Chair regarding your application within 3-5 working days after the Committee meeting. Applications may be:

  • Approved (with or without comments).
  • A copy of your approved application will be held on file by the Committee Administrator
  • Approved subject to minor or major amendments
  • Approved with conditions
  • Declined, with comments indicating the course of action for the applicant  (generally this will involve resubmission of the application)

See also

University of Waikato - Ethical conduct in research and related activities
University Research Regulations
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Important things to remember for your application

  • An electronic signed copy of each application is to be submitted through our iWaikato page.  All ALPSS staff and students should have access to the "Human Research Ethics" page when they log on to iWaikato. If you are not currently enrolled but require access to these documents please email [email protected] requesting the relevant templates and these will be forwarded on to you.
  • Please note:  Paper copies of applications are no longer required.
    • Supervisors:  If you have any questions about an ethical issue raised by your student's research please contact Oleg Medvedev prior to the deadline. This can help reduce delays through the approval process.