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Volume 6 2015


This issue of Te Kura Kete Aronui (6, 2015) includes four pieces of postgraduate student work presented at our annual FASSGRAD Conference in 2014. The authors have been peer reviewed, and come from different disciplines including Geography, Literary Studies, and Philosophy. Each published contribution stems from postgraduate student work towards a degree, and together, the issue represents the important and valuable original work conducted by students in New Zealand in the present context. We are proud to support our postgraduate students and their publishing.

Catharine Coleborne, 2015

'Characterizing Rebecca: Order And Disorder and Lucy Hutchinson's elaboration in biblical negative space'
Allan Drew

'Why Forgive? In Search of a Pure Motive'
Cameron Surrey

'E nā kānaka o ka ‘āina’
Three Readings of John Kneubuhl's Mele Manikau: A Pageant
Michelle Johansson

'Greenwashing eco(?)tourism in New Zealand: What climate change?'
Sandi Ringham