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Kirstine Moffat, Carin Burke,
Mike O'Driscoll, Mark Bond

Volume 7 2016


This issue of Te Kura Kete Aronui (7, 2016) includes five articles by postgraduate students who first presented their work at our annual FASSGRAD Conference in 2015. The authors have been peer reviewed, and come from different disciplines including Geography, Politics, Linguistics, and Psychology. Each published contribution stems from postgraduate student work towards a degree, and together, the issue represents the important and valuable original work conducted by students in New Zealand in the present context. An important theme in the five articles published here is the significance of academic research both within the University and in the wider community. Through their innovative research on the search for Bhutanese refugees to feel at home in New Zealand, the challenges confronting lesbians wanting to start a family, the need for preserving the Ninde language in Vanuatu, the disconnect between academics and activists exemplified by the occupy movement, and the effects of food deprivation on memory performance, these postgraduate students highlight the impact of research on the lives of people and on the wider society which they inhabit. We are proud to support our postgraduate students and their publishing.

Kirstine Moffat, 2016

'Feeling at Home? Former Bhutanese Refugee Women and Girls in New Zealand'
Sunita Basnet

'Academics and Activists: The Importance of a Vision'
David Gaylard

'Effects of Food Deprivation on Memory Performance’
Jacob L. Kerewaro

'Lesbians Making Babies: Why Research on Sperm, Space and Decisions Matters'
Lisa Melville

'Exploring the Phonological System of Ninde (Malekula, Vanuatu)’
Jean Murray